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Day 4

So to be honest, I haven’t showered since Friday morning. It’s now Sunday morning. Granted, we didn’t leave the house yesterday. Well, except for a walk, which was a horrible idea as it was stinking hot and pushing a double jogger up the hills around my home is impossible to start with… The girls are still in PJs from yesterday and badly need baths. Tonight. I promise. Most of this morning has been spent cleaning the kitchen area while the girls alternate between screaming and fighting and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Does that make me a bad mom, that I’m entertaining them with TV? I feel bad sticking them in front of electronics, but the dishes really need to get done! I need a few things from Target, maybe when the girls wake from naps later this afternoon we’ll venture out. Maybe.

Here is a picture I was able to snap last night of them actually happy and smiling and playing together. But as you know, there was screaming and fighting 10 seconds before and after this was taken 🙂 Ah toddlers.


Since Eric hasn’t been home I’m doing pretty well on my diet. I cheated a few times with watermelon… but… carbs be damned, at least it was fruit! I’m down a bit more! I’m beginning to love all the bacon this low-carb diets allows!


More screaming… I better go intervene.

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Day 3

It’s those days when my daycare is closed. So day 3 of home with my girls and no Eric. My therapist suggested this for anxiety. I’m by no means recommending you take it yourself, as I’m not a medical professional, but I’ll let you know if their constant fighting bothers me less today!

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I’m exhausted and I’m not even sure why. I spent most of the morning at a coffee shop returning emails, updating some things on my blog, and adding a product to my sales page. Which was actually a lot of work! I came home around 11am and made a cute shirt for myself, then spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and doing dishes. How can there always be soooo many dishes?? And I didn’t even touch the laundry today… My new spiralizer arrived by UPS, so lunch was super yummy! Oh, and in case you are wondering, I do not get paid by Amazon to post links. Honest to God, I don’t get paid by anyone 🙂 But I do love this spiralizer. I used the flat cut on a yellow squash, threw in olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and parmesan and tossed it in at 400 degrees for 10 mins. Way good!

I also got this potty training step stool. I’d post the link, but honestly, I’m thinking this one is kind of crappy. It doesn’t feel sturdy, seems to slide around on the toilet seat a lot. Does anyone have something like this they love?? I’m looking for any and all options to make Nora more self-sufficient in the bathroom!


IMG_7560 2

And just like that it’s time to get the little ladies from school 🙂

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Sweet Little Pumpkin Onesie

I’m so excited for Halloween. I know, I little early, but my Sweet Little Pumpkin Onesies are so adorable! Clink the link below to order, available in newborn through 12 months. I pre-shrink them, so I’d recommend ordering a size up perhaps, unless you’re familiar with how Carter’s Brand onesies shrink with drying. Use the coupon code PUMPKIN10 to save 10% off your order!

(P.S. Let me know if you have any issues with the order process, as I’m still setting up my store. Email

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Monday Monday

It’s another week, another Monday. Weekend went fast, Eric is back in Ft. Dodge today, he left last night. Thankfully the girls slept through the night. Lots of random thoughts in my head today as I sip a sugar-free almond milk latte before meeting with my therapist. I’m not actually sure she’s helping me in any way, but she is lovely to chat with weekly.

Still attempting the Keto diet, but honestly, not sure my body is actually in ketosis, as I cheat from time to time. Yesterday I think I had 28g of net carbs. Possibly low enough for ketosis, but again, not sure I’m always consistent enough for my body to stay in such a state. Regardless, I’m eating soooo much healthier than I was before. In the picture below you can see I’ve lost 7.2 pounds in the past 30 days on the diet. I don’t expect to keep losing this fast, as you may know with Keto, carbs hold a lot of water, so most of my loss is that. The gray line though is fat, so nice to see that is somewhat down. I haven’t worked out in a while, but hopefully going back today after my therapy meeting.


I was putting Nora’s laundry away yesterday and it struck me… I was putting her underwear in the drawer which used to hold burp clothes. Time really does fly!

Speaking of, Nadia will be two in ten days! And I have NOTHING planned. Well, except a t-shirt I randomly picked up at Target that says, It’s My Birthday. Eric will be away on-call for her birthday and my mom’s club has a mom’s coffee meeting that morning. Should I skip that and keep Nadia home from school and hang out with her? I’d like to somehow make the day special, but how does one do that when it’s just you and the two year-old? Who doesn’t even know it’s her birthday… I mean, of course we will have a party with family on another day, as soon as I get to planning it!