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Day 1

Work was busy today.  Month-end, so lots of entries to finish up and such.  Being busy worked to my advantage though, as I had less time to worry.

I left work around 4:00pm and being it’s my mom’s birthday I needed to pick up a cake on my way home.  (You know me, cooking doesn’t happen often.)  Kona was at playcare today so I swung by there to get her first and then stopped at Dairy Queen to get a yummy ice cream cake.  I didn’t arrive home until 5 and my mom and step-dad were set to arrive at any moment to pick me up for dinner.  Again, probably a good thing.  I threw Kona outside to do her business and walked to my dining room table, the buffet of drugs and syringes.  I grabbed the bottle of Lupron, one syringe, two alcohol pads and headed to the bathroom.

I was told the Lupron could be injected into either my upper thigh or belly.  Hum, I thought, as I looked at both.  Belly seems safer, way more fat there.  Fat has less feeling, right??  I rubbed the first alcohol pad across the top of the vial, removed the syringe from its plastic wrapped, uncaped it, and pulled the plunger back to 10 units.  Shouldn’t they have made me practice this during my visit??  I stuck the needle into the vial, pushed the air inside, and withdrew the same 10 units worth of medication.  Gosh, it looked like nothing…  With the second alcohol pad I rubbed down the better part of my muffin top.  I knew that area would come in handy!

Needle in hand, I stood there for only a brief second or two and stuck it right in.  I figured if I thought about it too long I wouldn’t actually do it…  It went in way different from what I expected.  For some reason I pictured fat to be thick, but nope, it was like popping a balloon.  Once it was through the skin, the inside felt empty somehow.  I slowly injected the medication, counted to 5 as they had instructed me, and removed the needle.  Wow, that honestly didn’t hurt at all.  I was so worried, and that was so easy!  I looked down at my belly and saw a small red bump, like a tiny bug bite, and a bit of tingling, but nothing close to pain.  Very proud of myself!

My mom and step-dad arrived shortly there after and we embarked on a trip to Oxford for dinner at Augusta.  The three of us had a very nice dinner.  Service was slow, but it gave us time to relax and catch up.  We talked a lot about IVF, as this was one of the first times we really had talked about it all in person.  It was a little strange to hear my mother planning, as if I’m really going to be pregnant soon…  I’m not sure it’s quite hit me yet, well, the possibility anyway.

As far as Augusta, if you’ve never been, I don’t suggest you drive out of your way in the snow.  The food wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either.  I will say the dessert was yummy though.  I forget what it was called, but it tasted like a warm ball of funnel cake dough drizzled with warm chocolate and powered sugar.  Definitely not on my diet.  Nor was the ice cream cake we enjoyed once back at my house.

All in all, a good day, and one step closer to hopefully becoming a mommy.

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  1. Congrats on Day 1!!! Knew you would tackle it like a champ!

    1. Thank you! Your support means a lot to me, and thanks again for all your advice so far!

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