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Day 2

Very good day! I was terribly bloated but I’m gonna blame that on the two desserts I enjoyed last night. And my lower legs are killing me. But I assume that was caused by my morning cardio workout 🙂

My shot was another success today. Still didn’t even hardly feel it. Picked my belly again. Just something about stabbing my thigh… There was a tiny drop of blood when I took the needle out, but all seems to be fine. I’ve been told the overwhelming tired feeling starts after the second shot, so I’m very much looking forward to that!

I had dinner tonight with a new friend, another infertile also going through this process. It’s soooo comforting to speak with someone who truly understands these feelings and emotions. I’m so very happy to have her in my life!

I don’t think I’m traveling to Mason City to see Eric this weekend… He has a few papers to write and some notes to catch up on. And I think my niece and nephew will be in town… Always good to see them!

Happy Friday Eve. And good night!!

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