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Day 3

Well, I did it, picked my thigh tonight for my injection!  I’ve been told by those in the know that injections in the belly cause more bloating than in the thighs, and I’m willing to try anything to avoid that!  And surprisingly, I hardly felt the shot in my thigh either!  Again, a little drop of blood and more stinging afterwards this time, but nothing I can’t handle.

I have a few odd ailments, but I’m not sure if they are side effects from the Lupron or from something else.  I do have bloating, but I’ve honestly been eating horribly the past week.  I want to eat all the time, but not sure if that’s stress or the drugs.  My lower legs seem to ache and cramp from time to time, but that could very well be from my morning workouts.  I actually skipped this morning to give myself an extra two hours of sleep, and boy was it nice!  I did also have some cramping today, which is new for me, as I don’t normally ever get menstrual cramps.  I’ll survive though!  Tomorrow morning is my last dose of BCPs!!  I’m so ready to be finished with those!  And I’m tired.  But, I always feel tired, so nothing new there.

As far as wanting to eat all the time, I’m a little concerned about that, and my weight.  Back in April when I started working at the University I was around 125 lbs.  This morning I was 142.4 lbs.  Yeah!  The very heaviest I’ve ever been in my entire life.  Now granted, I honestly believe some of that is muscle.  I started Kosama in August, and honestly do see changes in my body, way more muscle tone, but I’m not really sure exactly how much I can say is muscle.  I still fit perfectly into the clothing I was wearing when I was 125 lbs., so I have to think it’s more an exchange of fat for muscle, right???  Please tell me that’s the case!!  Looking back, I started the BCPs on January 14th, so roughly three and a half weeks ago.  Since then I’ve gained 4.4 lbs.  Is that even possible to gain that much from those in less than a month??  I know that’s a side effect of the pill, but wow!  And of course, the more I think about my weight and what I’m eating, the worse I eat.  Case in point, I picked up Pokey Stix from Gumby’s on my way home from work.  FAIL!  I was given instructions to limit my daily intake of caffeine to one latte, artificial sweeteners to a packet or two a day, and alcohol to zero, which I’m doing, but there was no mention of other diet changes.  I’m really going to try to work on eating better.  Really, really difficult though when I buy breakfast and lunch every day at work, and their idea of healthy is corndogs…  How ironic for a hospital!

I think I mentioned this last night, I’m not traveling to Mason City this weekend to see Eric.  He’s on call there and has to finish up some research papers and catch up on patient notes, so I think I’m going to stick around in Iowa City and chill for the weekend.  I might even get to see my niece and nephew tomorrow!

Enjoy your Friday evening!

3 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. I would bet most if muscle gain. But BCPs always jumped my weight about 5 lbs immediately and typically would disappear quickly once off of them. It will all be worth it!

    1. Thank you 🙂

  2. Yes, I vote muscle gain for sure! For multiple reasons: you’re still fitting into your clothes, the weight gain isn’t discernible without a scale (or it isn’t to me, anyway), and my weight also jumps with lifting/resistance training. Try not to worry about the number on the scale! Hard to do, I know, but the time would be better spent rewarding yourself for your hard work in Kosama and the positive changes you’re making 🙂 (This is what I tell myself, anyway, whenever I have scale anxiety)

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