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To Walmart I Go…

I was bad, I took my cell phone to a meeting this morning.  I never do that.  I hate people who ‘play’ on their cell phones in meetings, pretending it’s some official business they are way too important to attend to later…  But today, I was one of those people.

When I spoke with Dr. Munch Monday she gave me the impression I could expect my follow-up treatment plan after their team meeting on Tuesday.  So of course, I’ve been checking my phone every ten minutes for the past two days for another form email asking I check my MyChart account.  And lo and behold, at 10AM this morning that email arrived…

Hi Stefanie,

Hope you are well. I wasn’t present at yesterday’s team meeting, but you should be receiving a letter from Dr. Duran and the lab probably within the next week or so. At the meeting, they reviewed your cycle, and our recommendations going forward will be to use a higher dose birth control pill, as well as a higher dose of leuprolide, both of which we hope should decrease the likelihood of your body trying to make follicles and ovulate outside of the cycle. You should call the clinic when you get your next period so that way the nurses can work with your calendar to get you in cycle for the next uptime. Our “downtime” period this time around is only 2 weeks, so there shouldn’t be much of a delay.

Take care and have a good week.

Erika Munch, MD

Fellow, Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

I quickly forwarded the message to Eric for his review…  He interviewed with another practice today, and again, I assume I’m not supposed to share publicly just yet.  That’s getting old and truly deserves its own, separate, dedicated post…  More on that another day…

So there is good and bad I guess.

First, the bad…  I have to wait a bit to get back into an IVF cycle.  I guess I knew this since Monday, so I’ve had some time to process.  I expect my period around March 11th (my 34th birthday) at which time I assume I’ll start back on bcp’s, stronger this time, as Dr. Munch mentioned.  I’m fairly certain I’ll need to be on those for at least a month, a full cycle, before I can start the Lupron again, a higher dose this time.  Not looking forward to the headaches again, and hopefully a higher dose doesn’t mean more intense headaches.

There is some good though.  Clearly my body has a little mind of its own as regardless of both the bcp’s and Lupron, it was still trying to ovulate.  So something is working right!  And, since we’re postponing this whole IVF thing, I can continue to torture myself each morning, I mean, workout.  Yeah!  (Which reminds me, it’s way past my bedtime since I have to be up at 4:30AM.)

When Dr. Munch and I spoke on the phone she said Eric and I should try on our own this cycle, as the injectable drugs I was using won’t have any negative effects.  Ha, as if that is gonna work since my body can’t even do IVF right!  I’m still personally convinced that my lining is just too thin for implantation or to support a pregnancy, even know no physician has confirmed this.  The signs are all there though, the thin lining on a day 21 ultrasound, when it should have been its thickest, light periods, I’m obviously ovulating…

I’ve been following several other blogs related to IVF and infertility in general.  These people are strangers to me, some in other countries on different continents, but reading their words, well, wow, it’s like talking to myself, they truly get it!  And a lot of them have offered a ton of wonderful advice and support.  So I searched blogs today for natural remedies to thicken uterine lining and found several suggestions…

  • Vitamin E
  • Red Raspberry Leaf, either in tea form or capsules
  • B Complex
  • 100% Pomegranate juice
  • CoQ10

So of course, off to the store I went.  Kona went to playcare today, so since she was with me on my way home I needed quick and convenient, I hate leaving her in the car for any length of time.  Walmart is on our way home so I ran in search of my goodies.  They had everything expect the red raspberry leaf.  They had raspberry ketones, which I purchased and now realize are not what I want, as that is for weight loss, but I figure that will come in handy in hopefully ten months 😉

So there you have it, my quest to get pregnant on my own this cycle.  Okay, I guess with Eric’s help, we will give him some credit too!  Wish us luck!

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  1. Praying for you girl and that you wont need to do IVF next cycle 🙂 With God all things are possible 😉

  2. Fingers crossed!!!! 😀

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