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What the…


So remember the doctor told Eric and I we could try on our own this month? Well, I was overly excited and decided to purchase both the regular and advanced ClearBlue ovulation test strips. Apparently great minds don’t think alike, as one shows peak and the other low. What the… When in doubt just try? Well, easier said than done when your hubby is working out of town. But the good news, he’s officially finished with his Mason City rotation Wednesday!!! Yep, moving all his crap back home in two days. I couldn’t be more excited!!!

5 thoughts on “What the…

  1. I am convinced those things don’t work!

    1. Normally I thought they did, but not this month I guess!

      1. I told my hubby a year ago to never let me waste my money on them again. They drove me nuts! Some cycles it said I ovulated on day 5? Um how when my cycle was 37 days? And then the last two months I used them I kept getting the “error” symbol. They irked me! Lol.

  2. How frustrating! I never actually bought the fancy ovulation kits. I always ordered the strips through Amazon. They didn’t do anything cool like show you a smiley face, but I was able to interpret them pretty easily. Hopefully you won’t need to purchase more since you will be moving forward with IVF soon…but if you do I can let you know my experience with using them. And it’s awesome that Eric comes home on Wednesday. I’m sure you’ve been waiting for that day for the 4 months he’s been gone!

    1. Yes, only one more sleep until he’s home!!!

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