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So I honestly have no clue what cycle day today is, although if I had to guess, I’d say 18.  Since I never truly got a period during our failed attempt at IVF, I can only assume that the first day of spotting I experienced was day 1.  And those darn OPKs obviously didn’t provide any backup to confirm ovulation this cycle.  Way back when, when we just started trying, I was tracking my temperature in addition to using OPKs and paying attention (somewhat) to my cervical fluid.  Speaking of which, does anyone actually pay attention to such??  I mean really.  When I find time in my day to pee, the last thing I’m really thinking about is that.  Just so ya know.

I’m no longer tracking my temperature, but I probably should have this cycle, as it’s amazingly accurate.  Well, depends on how you want to use it I guess.  The pee sticks are still handy, but your temperature spikes after you ovulate, so that would have told me I had this cycle, since ClearBlue failed me this month.  And, it’s actually kind of helpful toward the end of your cycle as well, since my temperature always tends to start dropping a few days before I expect my period.  Saves on pregnancy tests I guess!

But no, I couldn’t have thought ahead and done that this month, cause that would have made sense.  Although I must admit, the not paying so close attention has been nice the past two weeks.  First time in over a year I’ve not thought about having a baby every single day.  Strangely relaxing.

But enough of that.  Back to thinking about having a baby every single day…  If today is cycle day 18 and if my cycle is right on, like it usually is, I can expect my period on my 34th birthday, March 11th.  So what, ten more days of waiting?  I can do that.  And I’m going to assume we timed everything good, regardless of those damn smiley faces, so there is a chance.  And I’ve been trying to remember to drink lots of pomegranate juice and take all those vitamins I bought.  So, there’s a chance I guess…

Side note.  Almost wanted to cry this afternoon.  A newer employee as work was chatting and happened to mention she graduated high school a few years after me, but yet has a 7 year old daughter.  Um, realization!  I will be, at the very youngest, 42 when I have a 7 year old.  Um…  Crap, maybe this twins or triplets idea isn’t so bad.  I mean, what if each kid takes 5 years to make?  We just simply don’t have time for that!

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