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And the winner is…

So the secret is out…  The undisclosed location Eric and I visited a few weekends ago, our possible future home, can now be revealed…  It’s not official just yet, but it appears more than likely that the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area is where we’ll be headed in 483 days.  Eric should be receiving his contract soon, perhaps as early as next week.  Once we have a lawyer review, I assume he will sign, so possibly by the end of March!  Again, nothing is official yet, but I see no reason for Eric to change his mind at this point.

Eric was originally concerned his program director at the University would become aware of this proposed new practice, which technically will be in competition with the University…  Too late now though, he knows.  I can only hope that such an individual, and institution, wouldn’t discriminate against Eric during his remaining training, but only time will tell.

I’m truly a mix of emotions.

I understand this is an amazing opportunity for Eric…  A location desperately in need of urologists, and therefore the perfect place for him to start a new practice.  The offer is more than generous from every angle… salary, signing bonus, retirement, vacation, profit-sharing, flexibility, and of course, the guarantee of new clinic space, any and all surgical equipment he desires, a full schedule from day one, and so much more.

Sounds perfect, right?

Well, for Eric, it is.  And yes, there are advantages for me as well.  Eric will work for a physician group and therefore will not be an employee of the hospital at which he operates.  This will give him the advantage of creating his own schedule with virtually unlimited vacation.  Ha, we will see how that actually pans out!  And we will be fairly close to family, an hour or so drive to my parents and sister and only slightly further to Eric’s parents.  Everyone keeps telling me this will come in very handy once we have children…  If we ever have children.

I’m so torn though.  I want to be excited, and I am for Eric, but I want to be excited for me too.  For the past three years I’ve been counting down the days until Eric’s residency is complete.  We started at six years, remember??  As the months tick past I’ve been dreaming of the day we can move out of this cold, barren, eventless state to a warmer, larger, more exciting area.  My dream being San Diego.  Sadly, I now need to realize palm trees are not in my immediate future.  Eric claims this move could only be temporary for us, just a few years, but honestly, it seems as though once his practice is up and running, well, who would want to start all over in a new location?  I’m so scared we’re limiting ourselves though by staying in Iowa.  There is a whole world out there to be discovered!

And really, Waterloo, of all places??  It’s probably the very last place in Iowa, and on earth, I’d ever want to live, or damn near close!  And yes, everyone tells me Cedar Falls is really nice with great schools, but hell, who needs great schools when I can’t even get my future children to the embryo stage, much less kindergarten??  As far as I can tell, Cedar Falls has a cutesy downtown area, but it’s only a few blocks, and doesn’t even come close to Iowa City, much less San Diego.  Bottle line, when Eric started looking at possible locations for employment, I had one request, larger than Cedar Rapids.  That limited us to Des Moines in Iowa, and I really like West Des Moines.  I’m just really disappointed that of all the places Eric could have picked, since he claims urologists are needed everywhere, he didn’t consider the one requirement of mine.

All that said, and regardless of my feelings, I’m really trying to embrace this new chapter in our lives.  We’ve already met once with an amazing Realtor, Deanna Wheeler, once in person, and exchanged about a billion emails.  She is truly awesome, I highly recommend her!  We have another weekend scheduled with her in early April to view a few more existing newer homes and some lots, since if we do plan to build something custom, which I’d prefer, we’d need to secure a lot soon and break ground this summer.  At this point we’re leaning toward Cedar Falls, although we did visit a beautiful newer subdivision in Waterloo that is quite close to Eric’s proposed clinic site.

I’m getting the impression there aren’t a lot of available homes in our price range, or lots that would be suitable for such a home…  Never thought we’d have this problem!  The area is just really different from what we’re used to in Iowa City.  Here there are lots of available spaces to build, in Cedar Falls, not so much. Cedar Falls is much more developed and therefore running out of lots on the outskirts of town, or so I’m told.

I’m trying not to get too excited about a house, but it’s been difficult so far for two reasons.  First, our Realtor keeps showing us seriously gorgeous homes.  I’m kind of like a kid in a candy store…  Doesn’t matter if I need it, you showed it to me and now I want it!  And second, being this move is primarily focused on Eric, I feel like our house is one of the few things I do have a choice in…  Does that make sense?  So yes, I’ll admit we’ve probably been looking at homes which are a bit more extravagant than we need, but in my defense, we will need a large tax shelter!

So work for me…  Yeah, no idea on that front.  I still really want to open a coffee shop in Cedar Falls, so my research continues.  It will be a good long while until I know if it’s a suitable market.  I can say there are relatively few coffee shops in the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area, if you exclude restaurants, compared to other like cities, so that’s a huge plus!  Well, assuming it isn’t just because people in the area don’t like coffee and therefore they all closed!  I just need to find more time in my life to work on this project…

Back on the baby making front, it’s CD22 and I feel nothing that would even remotely make me think I could even possibly be pregnant.  My heart rate has been higher than normal during my workouts the last few days, but last time I checked that wasn’t an early sign of pregnancy.  And really, it’s too early even if it was.

Aside from the letter I got in the mail from the University confirming my BMI is within range to continue in their IVF program, I also received one with instructions for my next cycle.  The letter confused me though…  It mentioned the higher dose of Lupron they plan to use this time, but it listed the same brand of BCPs I was on last time, and I swore Dr. Munch said we’d be using a higher dose this cycle.  So I guess I need to email them.  I wonder if there is a red flag in my chart for annoying patient with tons of questions??

Happy Fat Tuesday for all those who apply.  I’m off to stuff my face and make a dent in the four months of laundry Eric saved me!

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