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Our engagement…


The procrastinator I am… On the evening of May 24th, 2011 I was frantically working to complete a redesign project for my Systems Theory & Organizational Design course. It was due the following evening at 11pm and I was getting nervous as there were still several slides missing. Starving but determined to hold off for dinner with Eric later, I was greeted with his text around 7pm offering to pick up Chinese.

I welcomed the break from studying roughly 30 minutes later as he arrived home, dinner in hand. We sat down at our dining room table, still covered in Kona’s first birthday paper tablecloth (classy I know) and discussed our days. Eric’s had been stressful, as usual, mine less so, although I’d earlier been quite upset with Kona when I discovered her attempt to enter the neighbor’s yard by digging her way under the fence. My hot pink sweatpants smudged with dirt were proof.

Upon finishing dinner, Eric presented me with a fortune cookie. He knew I loved them… I tore into mine, although it didn’t easily break apart. I was able to pull the fortune out with most of the cookie still intact. I stared for a moment. Was this really happening? Was he really asking me to marry him?? I picked up the remaining mess of my cookie and inside was the most beautiful engagement ring I had ever seen. While my first word should have been yes, as I wanted to marry Eric more than anything in the world, when I finally did open my mouth, the only words that came out were, ‘how did you get the ring in the cookie??’

I sat in awe, holding the ring, as Eric explained his search of countless Chinese establishments earlier that week, looking for the perfect cookie to accommodate should a special ring. When I was finally able to gather my thoughts I slipped the ring on my finger, stood up and hugged Eric as I finally said, ‘yes, I will marry you’.

Needless to say, my project was not completed that evening… I was far too excited to tell most of my world the very exciting news!

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