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Girls Night Out

I’ve been paying closer attention to the Fertility Friend App on my phone. Why the hell though is it called Fertility Friend?  None of my true friends have ever been as cruel as that damn app!

How much do you think the average women understands regarding her cycle and what it really takes to get pregnant? I’m thinking most are not all that aware… My app tells me today is CY26 but that it is DPO15 (days past ovulation). Clicking on the analysis information in the app tells me my luteal phase changes more than expected from cycle to cycle. (Genius I tell you.) It seems the phase is only supposed to be 14 days, regardless of what day you ovulate, which explains why some women have longer or shorter cycles depending.  Since I’ve been tracking all this crap for a billion cycles I can see that phase does vary for me, anywhere from 12-15 days over the course of the last 16 cycles of history it has saved. Hum… the damn thing is getting me all excited again, as that would mean I should have already gotten my period. Or this cycle is just gonna be off again and further prove my body is incompetent in the baby making arena.

Last night I went out with a few girls from work and had a wonderful time! I don’t go out much anymore, for reasons I can not understand.  Apparently I’m getting old and old people just don’t do that. Or so I’m told. Knowing there was a slight, tiny possibility an egg and sperm decided to stick around together this month, I dug to the back of my bathroom cupboard as soon as I got home from work in search of a pregnancy test. One lonely test was located, and peed on.  NOT PREGNANT it read after a mere three minutes. Okay, well that answers that I guess.  I’m still slightly hopeful, but not holding my breath. And God, did I really get the little thing drunk last night if I am pregnant?? In consulting with Eric, he said I really have nothing to worry about at this stage of a pregnancy, if there is a pregnancy, so I’m sticking with, it’s fine.

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  1. Fertility friend at some point has annoyed myself and other friends that are awaiting to have a baby too. No fun. Prego tests can be wrong and momma having a relaxing drink or two in the unknown time frame isn’t going to hurt baby!

    Positive thoughts and hugs!

    1. Thank you!!

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