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What a totally crappy day! I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be awesome, but I didn’t expect it to be this bad.

The plumber I called last night to replace the water heater in my rental promised to arrive between 10am and noon today. At 1:15pm he finally arrived.  Keep in mind I’d been at the rental since 10am with only my cell phone to keep me occupied.

So I directed the plumber, a very nice, older man, to the basement, the site of the leaking water heater. He gave me this story about how since the flood in Cedar Rapids several years ago parts of the city are now getting water from underground and thus the water is more highly concentrated with calcium. Apparently this calcium is the cause of my rusted water heater, as it’s only 7 years old and most are meant to last much longer. Okay fine, I didn’t really care, I just wanted it fixed.

Side note, yesterday Eric and I browsed water heaters at Menards and found they run from about $320 to $500 for a basic 40 gallon gas, which is what was currently installed and I assumed is what we’d replace.

After my lesson on calcium, the plumber whipped out a shiny pamphlet and began to explain why I needed to really consider this purchase. Okay, at this point he already knew it was a rental, and no, I don’t want a crap one installed, but at the same time this was an unexpected expense and I don’t make much off this place as it is, so I’m certainly not going to pick the top of the line model. I wouldn’t even pick the top of the line for my own home.

So the plumber had two choices for me, the only difference being the length of the warranty, which he explained doesn’t transfer if I sell the property.  Since it’s currently for sale I obviously picked the lesser of the two, but before proceeding I asked if he could break out the cost of the water heater vs. the labor.  I was curious to compare what we saw at Mernards. Interestingly, he couldn’t. He said they only sell package deals which are provided by their corporate office. Awesome, just what a customer wants to hear.

I questioned the much higher cost than I expected and all he could say was, ‘well, he don’t sell the same quality as big box stores, we sell commercial grade, which you won’t find at Menards.’ Hum, last time I checked this is a three bedroom townhouse, certainly not a commercial property. The $1,200 included the water heater, labor to install, haul away for the old, a construction permit, the service call fee, and the changing of a leaky pipe which he said was optional, but what the hell, what’s another $90.

It was past 1:30pm by this time, and I’d already wasted one vacation day, plus I couldn’t really expect my renters to go a third day without hot water…  So I felt I had no choice, I said write me up for the $1,200 model. Ugh. Happy birthday to me. There goes the vacation Eric and I were hoping to plan for August.

So here I sit, at Panera in Cedar Rapids, waiting for the plumber to finish… I’m pissed I had to use vacation today, I’m pissed I had to spend $1,200, I’m pissed more of my time is consumed by unfun events, and I’m pissed Eric and I won’t be able to plan a vacation now.

And to top it all off, I still haven’t gotten back to CD1. God, this isn’t funny! I controlled myself last night, didn’t take a pregnancy test, but I did this morning, and of course it read NOT PREGNANT. How many times have I seen that now? I think I’m actually becoming numb to those words. It didn’t surprise me. It never does.

So yes, crappy day. And I’m trying to realize the events of my day are certainly not the end of the world, but to me, they are quite upsetting. I’m not sure how much more disappointment in my life I can handle, whether it be related to infertility, or otherwise.

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