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Random Thoughts

  • If the city of North Liberty really wants me to recycle, why is my bin so tiny???
  • What’s worse for me, unfiltered water from my tap, or the residue from the new self-filtering water bottle I purchased over the weekend?
  • Speaking of that new water bottle, the top is way tinier than my bottle brush, so apparently it will never be washed…
  • Why do health insurance companies pay for penis pumps, for erectile dysfunction, but don’t pay for infertility treatments across the board?
  • How much Cracklin’ OatBran can you eat before bad things happen? (Wait, I might have this one answered.)
  • Why do I have to keep getting my ass up at 4:30AM to work out when I’m hoping to get pregnant (and fat) soon anyway?
  • I really need to stop reading murder-mysteries…
  • Perhaps I should actually learn how to use photo editing software.
  • Dog poop is great fertilizer, right?
  • I shall always have a fresh bouquet of flowers in my home.
  • I wonder which has more germs, the average public restroom, or my cell phone…
  • Work was peaceful today.
  • We should probably forgo purchasing my wedding band and instead save Eric’s signing bonus for our mortgage down-payment.
  • Being an adult is so un-fun sometimes.
  • What if I hate the Cedar Falls area?
  • Did I waste my time drinking all that red raspberry leaf tea and pomegranate juice?
  • I gave up sugared lattes and scones, so why am I still gaining weight?
  • How early is too early to go to bed?
  • Will I think my own children are little devils?
  • Will my education be for nothing if I decide to stay home with my little devils?
  • Why the crap did the scale read 142.0 lbs yesterday morning???


The current floral arrangement in my home

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