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Tonight was supposed to be my last progesterone pill, but guess what???  In true form, my body had other ideas!!!

I started to experience awful cramps yesterday afternoon while out running errands.  I was pissed at feeling crappy for no good reason, so figured a latte was well deserved.  I stopped into Barnes and Nobel and headed toward their Starbucks outlet, but detoured to the bathroom first.  And yes, my period!  I’ve never in my entire life been so happy to get my period, ever!  I was so excited I texted Eric!

Last night I took my 9th progesterone pill and this morning I took my first BCP, deciding to forgo the 10th progesterone dose.  Everything I read online said I’d need to finish the Provera before I’d get a period, but nope, not my body!  So today is officially CD1!  Well, hopefully.

Tomorrow morning I’ll call my RE doc and let them know I started the birth control pills.  I assume they will schedule a baseline ultrasound for this week…  Please pray my cyst is gone.  And hopefully it doesn’t matter I didn’t take that 10th pill…  I can’t wait to feel a bit more awake and a lot less nauseous!

4 thoughts on “CD1

  1. Yes! What an unexpected and welcome surprise. My fingers are definitely crossed that the cyst is gone. Hopefully they will put you on the short round of BCPs!

    1. Yes, shorter the better of everything! I’m so anxious to get to the egg retrieval!

  2. So happy that something went as planned. Now this good luck streak will continue.

    1. Thank you!

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