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Suppression Day 2

Another 20 units in and still no headache from the Lupron yet.  But I expected it to take some time, so try not to be too disappointed just yet!  Oh, and I had caffeine today.  And a scone.  FAIL.

When I opened my email this morning I had one from the ophthalmologist I saw last week.  To summarize, he recommends PRK for me.  He said I could try to wear my glasses instead of contacts for a few weeks and then they could redo the topography (the picture of my cornea) to see if LASIK is an option instead.  Something about my corneas not be symmetrical.  Honestly though, I’m fine with PRK, as everyone who’s had it said it was awesome, and several who had LASIK told me they aren’t satisfied.  I realize the healing is longer with PRK, but sounds like it’s the better, more conservative treatment, and these are my eyes we’re talking about!

So that was the good news.  The bad…  He would recommend waiting to repeat the topography and schedule the surgery until I’m sure I’m not pregnant and will not be getting pregnant anytime soon.

Um, what is soon?  Like a month, three months?  A year?  This awesome deal for the procedure ends when Eric’s residency is complete, so time is of the essence here.  And obviously having a baby is higher on my priority list, but me being selfish, well, I want both, a baby and perfect vision without contacts or glasses!

So I emailed the nice doctor back to clarify.  I told him I was fine with PRK, regardless of whether they figured out a way for me to qualify for LASIK.  And I asked his definition of soon in regards to getting pregnant.  I told him I’ll know in hopefully 4-6 weeks if I’m pregnant from this IVF cycle.  If I’m not, I assume there will be a few months between cycles to get my body back in sync to try again, so was it possible to have PRK during that waiting phase.  I assume he will say no, but figured I should at least ask.  Ultimately I’m hoping for success this cycle.  And that would still give me time to get vision correction after delivery but before Eric’s residency is complete.  That scenario sounds way too perfect though…

I saw my dentist today for my regular, six month checkup and cleaning.  I go to the University’s Dental School, but I see a faculty, so it’s just like private practice in all respects.  I like that I always get to see the same hygienist, and my dentist is super nice.  He’s older, experienced, doesn’t replace fillings just to bill my insurance, like the last place I went.  He’s conservative, I like that.  I have a crown he’s been watching for a while now, something about bacteria might be getting under it, but for now it looks fine on the x-rays.  I’ve had many cavities filled over the years, since as early as I can remember in grade school.  I blame my dad for passing on cavity-prone teeth, as his mouth is full of metal too.

Today my dentist decided that two of my existing cavities need to be replaced.  Apparently they have cracks and thus are no longer protecting the remaining teeth and roots.  Awesome, just want I need, another appointment.  Between this, the IVF stuff, and those weekly therapy appointments!  My boss is really going to wonder with all the sick time I’ve been using!  At least I have sick time!  I was given a prescription for PreviDent 5000 Booster Plus Toothpaste, as it contains a high dose of fluoride and therefore ‘might’ prevent more cavities in the future.  One can hope.

And the best part of today…  Handing over my Vice-President / Treasurer duties for my Home Owners Association.  Meeting is later tonight.  I so hope the transition is smooth so I can cross one thing officially off my list of stress inducers!

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