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House Hunting

Great weekend. Stressful and a bit overwhelming, but great!

Eric and I met our realtor at her office Saturday morning at 10am. She showed us seven properties I think, of which we really loved two. Both are similar in price but vary in style and location.

The first was the link I posted from in my previous entry. It’s an older home, built in the 70s maybe, but completely renovated inside. It’s seriously gorgeous, reminded me of super fancy suites (the ones I can’t afford) in Vegas hotels. I mean, just really over the top, for example, the kitchen had three sinks and three dishwashers. And I don’t even cook! It’s on a wooded lot with a deck that wraps around the entire house with entrances from at least four rooms. Just a really beautiful home. The downsides though are numerous. The roof is flat, which I’m told is bad in Iowa due to all the snow we get. Also, the deck is massive and amazing, but needs some work, as it appears original. Perhaps needs to be stained or dare I saw just replaced with some type of maintenance-free material. The realtor estimated replacement at a cost of roughly $25k. Also, the outside of the home is wood and therefore would require quite a bit of upkeep too. And ultimately, I can’t really picture children in this house… It has enough bedrooms, but the master is, well, wow, and the other bedrooms are actually quite small.

The second house is pictured in the new album I created on this site. You should be able to see the pictures on the right side of my home page. This property is ultra-contemporary. Only problem, I’m not sure that’s my style. I love the general floor plan and layout, the massive turnaround driveway, and so much more, but if I’d built it myself, I’ll pick different finishes for sure. For example, almost the entire house is painted gray, which obviously fits with the style, but I feel like gives a really cold feeling to the house. Most of the floors are silver, some imported material from God knows where. I mean, it’s got a definite wow factor, but I might want to change a few things. Overall though, it’s an amazing home, over 6,000 square feet, four car garage, five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and seems more sensible for children, as the bedrooms are good size. I think we could make it work if I had a little help from a decorator to help make it ours, perhaps paint a warmer but still contemporary color throughout, and God only knows about furniture. It might be empty for a bit when we moved in! It’s in a great neighborhood though, and the yard can be fenced for Kona, which is already private, so seems a little perfect from that respect.

Now… the hard part. These houses are for sale now, but we don’t need to move for 14 months or so. The main reason we started looking so soon was because I really wanted to build, and still do. Problem is, our realtor honestly can’t find any lots suitable for the home we want to build. Well, not in town, and Eric doesn’t want to live outside of town for when he’s on call and needs to drive into work at a moment’s notice. So, do we buy existing and keep our dream of building for our next home?

I need to speak with our mortgage lender regarding our options. The current owners of the more sensible house we like are just starting to build a home so don’t need to move for up to nine months. But that’s still sooner than we need it, so our realtor said we might need to get creative, or even try to buy it and rent it out until we need it. Ugh, sounds messy! I’m going to email my super awesome mortgage lender tomorrow.

So much to think about, I’m so overwhelmed… The story of my life these days. I feel like we’re spending a lot of money to just settle on a home, but maybe I shouldn’t be looking at it that way. We can always make changes once we move in, and the base structure of this home is amazing. And I feel a little guilty wanting to make any changes, as most people I know would be more than satisfied with this home as is.

In baby making news, earlier this evening I injected my fifth 20 unit dose of Lupron, and today was the first of not taking a BCP. Yeah! No headache yet, but I’m worried it’s going to just randomly show up soon. The next step is to wait for my period to arrive and at which point I’ll go in for hormone levels and then shortly thereafter start the stim meds to mature a ton of eggs. Well, that is the plan, hopefully it works! I’m nervous for that first hormone level, as that is what came back too high last time and ultimately caused the cycle to be cancelled. I’m trying to think positive, but it’s difficult…

5 thoughts on “House Hunting

  1. That house is AWESOME! Will you send me the link for the other house, I didn’t see it in your previous blog. I went back to look for it but it wasn’t there. I know you have been talking about wanting to build and I hope your realtor can find a lot and make that happen for you. You will find yourself wanting to change things in your house even if you build. In both houses we build, when it was all said and done, I had second thoughts about certain things we did. Building is a lot of fun!

  2. I don’t see any links. … am I not looming in the right spot? Where do I find them?


      This is one of the houses we like. The other is just pictures on the right side of my homepage of this blog. I don’t think you can see the side stuff from a phone or tablet, I think you need a computer.

  3. I’m glad the house hunt went well. The houses you are looking at are amazing! The one where the owners are building and won’t need to move for another 9 months sounds promising, definitely better timing-wise.

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