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Lupron is Evil

I want to eat ALL THE TIME. This is awful. This better result in me being pregnant cause I’m gonna need maternity clothing soon regardless! I’m bloated and irritable. And did I mention my skull feels like it’s trying to crush my brain??

So per usual, my body doesn’t like to play by the rules. Still no period so tomorrow is the, if you still don’t have a period call us, day. So I shall call tomorrow morning and they will tell me when to come for blood work. Please pray my estrogen level is low enough to proceed to the stim meds…

3 thoughts on “Lupron is Evil

  1. Ok I can’t comment on the evils of Lupron but I will say that I am sick and tired of not being able to lose weight and get in the shape I want to be in because of the stupid whoremones. I have a wedding in July, and who the hell knows if I’ll be pregnant but I am quite sure that I won’t be dropping any dress sizes because the whoremones I take every month in a desperate attempt to get pregnant will not allow it. So, I feel you on that. XO

    1. Yes, I completely understand. Weight gain had been mentioned to me, but I was not at all prepared for 10+ pounds in such a short amount of time. I guess I should see this as all worth it in the end… We shall see.

  2. In all of my 6 years of TTC I gained 40 f’ing lbs. Its really a very cruel side effect. I haven’t gained an assload during my pregnancy, so that’s something.

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