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Suppression Day 9

Great news… My estradiol level is 5. Which is perfect!

Instructions now are to remain on 20 units of Lupron tonight through Saturday night. Then, beginning Sunday evening, decrease my dose of Lupron to 5 units daily and add in 225 of Follistim. Next Wednesday morning I’ll return for another blood draw and we will adjust meds depending on those results.

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to be moving to the next stage in this process, and to be decreasing the Lupron soon. I was so afraid this was going to be a repeat of last, that my estradiol level was going to be too high and we’d be force to sit out another month or more. But nope… Moving on!

Oh course, this brings on more stress, different stress, new worries of the next stage. But I’m trying to take this one day at a time. This weekend is Easter, so focusing on that for now, and then next weekend is Eric’s brother’s wedding, so lots of preparation! Plus, I still need to make sure my dress fits!

Me being such a planner, I’m already trying to determine the dates for the egg retrieval and embryo transfer. I know, I’m getting way ahead of myself, but I’m just so darn excited and ready to move on with this process. Enough waiting already! From others I’ve spoken to, it sounds like I can estimate the retrieval to be around May 1st or 2nd, but it’s really dependent on a lot. If the retrieval was the 1st, the transfer would be 5 days after that, or around May 6th perhaps. A bit surreal to think I could be pregnant next month. Although to be fair, I’ve been thinking that every month for the past 19…

I realized today why work is so difficult for me some, well, most days… The primary topic of discussion is children. I sit near three women, who all have children, one is pregnant with her second child. They talk about their children (daycare issues, the cute things they said last night, how they are sick, etc.) pretty much the entire day. And no, I don’t resent their talk, in fact, I don’t even wish they’d discuss something else. I just wish I could add to the conversation… It’s a constant reminder that even though I’m 34, I don’t fit in with other mature, married women my age. Maybe someday…

I spoke with my realtor and mortgage lender (who is also a very close friend of mine) today regarding our house hunting and financing options. Lots to update there, but perhaps that needs to be a separate post… I’ll try to make some time tomorrow evening.

4 thoughts on “Suppression Day 9

  1. This is great news!!! And I am hoping next month brings a perfect retrieval and transfer!. The house hunt sounds like it’s going good too.
    I don’t blame you for feeling that way at work. Me too, about 89% of the time, the rest I just try to preoccupy myself with surgery or medicine cases.
    I am so, SO excited for the next month for you!!!

    1. Thank you so much!


  2. That is awesome news, I am really happy to hear things are going in a different direction for you this cycle. Is the headache getting any better?

    1. Thank you! Headache is still there but hopefully only two more days of it! I can do two more days!


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