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Stim Day 1

I made it to stim day 1! Woohoo! I was a little nervous to use the Follistim pen injection device… I’ve decided I much prefer regular syringes. Apparently this pen thing is supposed to be handy, but I seem to think drawing up the medication myself is just as good. The pen wasn’t difficult to use though, and thankfully the needles are fairly small, so pretty painless.

Today was the first day of two injections, and now I finally understand what others have been talking about. It was difficult to find two spots on my stomach that weren’t still healing, tender, or bruised. I know the Lupron can be injected in my leg, and while I’m not as comfortable with it there, I may have to start.

I’m still nervous for the wedding this Saturday. I went yesterday and found a different dress that I think will be more comfortable. Hopefully now that my daily Lupron dose is down to 5 units I won’t keep gaining weight at the high rate I have been… Although I guess I didn’t consider that maybe Follistim will make me gain as well… Hopefully by Saturday I’ll just have a bit of bloating, as I can deal with that. And I might have to take it easy on the dance floor if my ovaries start feeling ‘full’ by then. At some point I’m supposed to limit my activity/exercise, but now I forget when that starts…

I’m only working Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week so I can help my future sister-in-law with any last minute wedding details. And I’m so looking forward to the time off!!! I asked Eric last night if I have to go back to work at the University if we have a baby before he’s finished with residency and he said, ‘no, not if you don’t want to.’ Is it bad that excited me? Just sounds nice to have time off to focus on the baby and moving. I shouldn’t get too far ahead of myself though. I’m really trying to be realistic, as I know the odds of this first cycle resulting in a birth are only about 40%. I’m just praying for lots of pretty eggs!

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