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Another Issue with N

I need to vent, about N that I work with, again.  The one who wanted to race my other teammate in getting their wives pregnant, remember him?  I just honestly don’t know how I can work with him for the next 434 days…  This episode happened yesterday.  Feel free to stop reading now, this is probably more for me to get my anger out than anything…

Not to bore you with too much detail, let me explain high level.  My team of three was tasked with creating income statements at a provider level, something we don’t currently do, well, not down to that level.  Each of the three of us on my team have monthly entries which may cause some issues, as many are posted down to the department level, but not individual physician.  Anyway, I took care of my issue, responding to all, and my other two teammates did the same.  N’s response to his item was that his issue would take some time and work as he receives data by CLP, which come to think of it, I actually have no idea what that stands for… Clinical License Provider number perhaps.  Something like that.  Anyway, each provider has such a CLP number, but they also have a cost center, a 4 digit code in our general ledger for accounting purposes.  N would obviously need to know each provider’s cost center, not just CLP, if we were to post entries to that level.

I read N’s response back to our team and immediately knew his issue wasn’t an issue at all, as we have a crosswalk, basically a master database that lists all provider’s names, their CLP, and corresponding cost center.  A thirty second vlookup was all it would take to pull the cost center into N’s data.  Literally thirty seconds.  Side note, I can’t even begin to tell you how many reports I pull each day which don’t have the exact data, as I can use it, therefore many functions and formulas are used in excel, vlookup’s being a very common one.

Okay, so having solved N’s issue, can you believe he had the nerve to respond by saying, in a nutshell, that he doesn’t want an extra step added to his process and that he refuses to introduce an external source of data.  Um…  So I email back, it’s not an external source of data, it’s internal, controlled and updated by teams here at the hospital and guaranteed to be correct.  And it would seriously take 30 seconds, that can hardly be considered another step in the process.  Not to mention the fact that I take extra steps to solve my problems several times an hour here.  It’s called working, it’s what we do here.  If I don’t have usable data, I find a way to make it usable.

Okay, so that really set him off, he shot back with a wide range of comments, basically telling me I missed his point, that adding that extra step is not value added and that we need to come up with a new solution, perhaps someone needs to write us a macro or new report to pull each month that has the cost center already embedded within the data.

Yeah, of course I had a response for that…  I clearly pointed out that I did not miss his point, that I freaking worked at GE, they basically created LEAN, so he shouldn’t even try to talk to me about adding value to our processes here.  In fact, our team has so much extra time that we probably don’t even need to replace the third team member who is leaving later this summer to move out of state with his wife.  Oh, and I might have asked him if he was so lazy that he couldn’t do one more vlookup.

Needless to say, I apparently pissed him off.  He’s not speaking to me.  How very mature of him in the workplace.  And no, I’m not sorry for what I said.  It was all the truth, although I do feel bad I offended him, as that was never my intention.  I guess he and I just see work as fundamentally different.  If I see an issue, I fix it, I work around it, I make what I have work.  Sure, I’m all about making processes better, but if the fix is going to take significantly longer than the work around, it’s not a fix.  I’m not too good to pull my own reports or work with the data.  I’m an analyst, it’s what we do.  And last time I checked, he’s an analyst there too.  Somewhere along the lines of his (short) career, he’s still in his 20s, (no offense to others in their 20s) he got it stuck in his head that he’s too good to perform certain tasks.  (Did I mention he’s the only one at work that displays and makes a point to show off his CPA license?) I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not too good.  I pull my own data, I don’t run to someone else to create me a report every time I need one, I create the darn report myself.  I rely on me, I make a point to know how to use all the systems.  Apparently he doesn’t.

The last straw for me today though, was my effort to say hello to these two other team members earlier this afternoon.  They sit near each other, so I walked over to them, and can he believe N turned away as soon as I walked in and wouldn’t even speak to me?  I’ve never met anyone so immature in the workplace.  I’m saddened.  And angry.  And fed up.  Only 400 and some odd more days.  I can do that, right?

4 thoughts on “Another Issue with N

  1. I know having a paper trail for any discussion is invaluable but with people like N that I’ve worked with in the past I literally refused to get into email ping pong about “issues” as they twist every sentence into a tone that offends their poor little old me. Instead if I felt it going in that direction – I’ll come see you we’ll discuss it then afterwards send an email to confirm what was agreed.
    He’s in what I largely dub the L’Oreal generation “cos I’m worth it!” Flick hair smile at the camera! Like you say that doesn’t apply to everyone in that generation thankfully!
    If he continues to be a petulant child steal his toys when he’s away for lunch and pour water on his seat!
    Sorry you had to deal with that on Stim Day 3 cycle sista’!

    1. I’m attempting to make amends with him today, well, a small attempt. I said good morning so far, and he actually said good morning back. Granted, this was over IM, but it’s a start…

  2. hang in there! i’m in a similar situation with a 20 something that thinks she knows everything about life and is a total passive aggressive, control freak. as a 31 year woman that has lived a lot of “real life” it’s beyond frustrating dealing with it.

    1. Thank you… I’m keeping my eye on getting pregnant, having a baby, and getting out of this office!

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