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Stim Day 9

As if I wasn’t bloated enough…  Dinner tonight was a giant bowl of Costco’s spinach and artichoke dip, way too many corn chips, and perhaps a pound of fresh strawberries.  Yeah, probably not the best idea on my part…  So I now look 5 months pregnant instead of 4.  Awesome.  Is it a no no to purchase (and wear) maternity clothing before you’re pregnant?

I decided tonight was a good time to re-read the ‘Preoperative Booklet for Egg Retrieval and Embryo Transfer’ I was given back in December.  I’m feeling terrified, but ready.  Mostly terrified that this cycle will be unsuccessful or that we won’t have enough viable embryos to freeze.  Only time will tell I suppose.

Work was rather uncomfortable for me today.  Partly because my mind is racing these days, partly because I’m crampy and uncomfortable, and partly because all I want to do is sleep.  On the plus side, I’m told the first trimester fatigue won’t be an issue for me since I’m getting so accustomed to it now!  HA!

Tomorrow morning at 8:15am I have another ultrasound and estradiol level, and hopefully find out if my egg retrieval will really be Thursday!!  Looking back at that chart I posted several days ago, I’m afraid I’m falling behind when it comes to my estradiol level.  Sunday morning mine was only in the 600s, but the chart suggests it should have been above 1,000 by that point.  My meds were increased for last nights and this evenings injections, so hopefully that helped.  At my appointment tomorrow morning I believe they will do my pre-op for the retrieval, although really, how much more can they possibly need to poke and prod me?  Eric has an all-day conference of some sort, so he’ll miss tomorrow’s appointment.

I realize most of my follow bloggers understand the retrieval process, but many of my friends and family have asked what it all entails.  So for those of you not too sure what I’ll be experiencing in a few days, below is a bit of information which helps explain in words better than I could find!  And yes, they knock me out, thank goodness!  And I’ll be picking up my pain meds tomorrow to keep me comfortable in the days following the procedure.

The egg retrieval involves a transvaginal ultrasound almost identical to the scans performed during the monitoring process. We use a combination of intravenous sedatives and local anesthetic to keep you comfortable during the egg retrieval procedure. A needle guide is attached to the side of the vaginal ultrasound probe, to accommodate the egg retrieval needle; under ultrasound guidance, the needle is passed along the ultrasound guide through the wall of the vagina into the ovary and the fluid within the visible follicles is aspirated; this fluid contains the egg surrounded by cells. The aspirated fluid is passed on to the embryologist who identifies the egg from each aspirate.

Eric will accompany me to the retrieval, as they will need to collect his semen sample to fertilize the eggs.  I won’t be allowed to drive for 24 hours, but I’m secretly also looking forward to personalized care from a physician the day of my procedure.  HEHE, I should get some benefit for living through his awful residency, right??

I still want to post about the wedding weekend, but honestly, I’m exhausted, so it will have to be another day.  I’ll post again tomorrow once I have the results from my ultrasound and estradiol level.  Please wish me and my follicles luck!

4 thoughts on “Stim Day 9

  1. Good luck on the next few steps! Take it a few steps at a time and you should be good – hoping for good results 🙂

    1. Thank you!

  2. Excited for you and your hubby! I am in the wait period between taking birth control and starting my stim shots… So helpful to be able to follow your journey. Calming thoughts for you guys the next few days!

    1. Thank you so much!

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