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Liebster Award

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Honestly ladies, when I started this blog I really considered it just a way to update friends and family. I was not at all expecting the amazing level of support I’ve received from so many, most of whom have never met me. I really can’t thank you all enough. You have all offered so many comforting and reassuring words during this scary and often confusing process. Thank you thank you thank you!

So here is how the Liebster Award works:

1. Link back to the blogger who gave you the award.

2. Answer the questions designated by the blogger who nominated you.

3. List 11 random facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 3-5 other bloggers with less than 200 followers.

5. Make up a set of questions for the nominated bloggers to answer.


11 random facts about me:

1. I picked my college major, finance, solely based on the fact that it didn’t require any additional foreign language credits beyond those I completed in high school. I’m pathetic, I know.

2. My taste buds haven’t evolved since kindergarten; my favorite foods are still mac & cheese and fish sticks & tomato soup.

3. Since starting this blog, I’ve discovered I LOVE to write. Now I just need spelling and grammar refreshers!

4. I really can only picture myself as the parent of a newborn or toddler… Um, not sure what happens once they are older!

5. I’ve been engaged three times. It’s true, third times a charm!

6. I think working as a barista would be super fun! If only it covered my student loans.

7. I hate talking on the phone. When my cell phone rings I cringe, I’d much rather email or text.

8. I own some rental property. Which I don’t recommend doing if you’re trying to limit your stress!

9. I highly dislike the sound of my voice. I remember being told in grade school that I sounded like a chipmunk and since I refrain from ever hearing my own recorded voice.

10. I think I’m addicted to Facebook, and now perhaps this blog reader. Is there a support group??

11. The unfinished storage space in our lower level resembles a mini-Costco. Is there a support group for that too?


The questions I was asked:

1. What has been your most significant achievement thus far in life?

Wow, this one is hard for me… I feel like my answer should be completing my Masters in Business Administration (MBA), but honestly, that was fairly easy. Time consuming, but none the less, easy. I don’t even remember needing to study much… So instead, I think getting to this point in my current IVF cycle. I know for many of you, and for probably most of my family, this might not seem like a significant accomplishment, but for me, it is. I’m deathly afraid of needles, so for me to sit here and tell you I’ve done all my shots myself so far, well, wow, I’m very proud of myself. And as hard as this has been emotionally, I think I’m coping extremely well in that respect as well. I know some of the hardest parts are yet to come, but I have a lot of faith and confidence in myself. And of course, all you lovely ladies to help me along the way!

2. What words of advice do you have to others struggling with infertility?

Don’t give up. Have faith. Sometimes the really good stuff comes to those who wait. The pain and hurt will be worth it in the end. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to tell your husband what you need from him. Don’t look too far ahead; take it one day at a time. Try to relax. No one is perfect, do what you can to eat well and take care of yourself, but remember, you’re human. This is not a race. In the end it will all work out, if it’s not worked out, it’s not the end.

3. How did you know your significant other was “the one”?

HA, well, I blurted out ‘I love yo’u one day, fairly early in our relationship. It just completely slipped out, I surprised myself and him! I knew from that moment on… as what you blurt, you mean, and I did. I loved him. He was and is extremely sweet, very genuine, sometimes quiet, but always honest.

4. If you could pick your dream vacation, where would it be to and why?

Paris! Many have told me it’s beautiful and romantic. I feel like Eric and I have been through so much on this infertility journey, we need time away, alone, to reconnect, and to me, Paris sounds perfect!

5. Who is your biggest motivator and source of inspiration?

I’m going to have to say a girl I work with currently. She is truly amazing, as a mother, wife, manager… She does it all. She somehow manages to get up at the as*crack of dawn to work out, gives 100% all day at work, adores her children and husband, and then still has the energy to stay up till midnight working from home. She is truly motivated in all aspects of her life, and honestly, I can only hope someday to be half the career-minded mother she is.

6. If you were stranded on an island what is the one thing you must have with you?

Probably my cell phone. No laughing, but seriously, it goes everywhere with me. I sleep with it under my pillow, as it’s my alarm clock, it goes to the bathroom with me in the morning as it provides music while I’m getting pretty, it’s on my desk all day at work as I check the weather and texts from friends, and then back home with me at night. I check Facebook way too much each day, but on a positive note, my phone kept me occupied and calm while I waited for my ultrasound this morning!

7. What are your hobbies?

I like to read. Actually no, that isn’t true, I like to listen. I used to drive 45 minutes each way to work and thus I started listening to audio books. My Audible library is quite impressive now, and while I no longer commute out-of-town for work, I still listen in the car each day.

Up until this IVF cycle I was a fairly avid exerciser, attending pretty intense workout classes at Kosama each morning, at 5am no less! I’m a bit sad those had to be put on hold for the time being, and annoyed I’ve gained quite a bit of weight over the past few months, but I’m excited to get back at it when I can.

Writing has become my new favorite pass time… I find it extremely relaxing to pack up my computer and head to a local coffee shop for an afternoon. I don’t write the entire time I’m there, I mean, people watching is fun too, and online shopping, but you get the idea. Gives me a break from my normal, hectic life.

8. What is your favorite movie(s)?

Can I say ‘Pretty Woman’? I’m a sucker for chick flicks, which doesn’t normally bode well for my husband… I just like the sweet story of the wild girl who lost her way a bit, but then finds the professional, grounded man to sweep her off her feet. I can’t say I was all that wild or lost, but Eric kind of came into my life at a downtime, after my divorce, and proved I could love again.


My nominations for a Liebster Award are: This lovely lady has been my lifeline through this entire process.  Honestly, I can’t say enough great things about her or thank her enough.  She has calmed my fears, answered countless questions, listened to me complain…  You name it, she has done it, and I am sooooo thankful! I just started following this special woman, but I’m extremely anxious to follow her progress, as she’s currently stimming!! (Is that a word??) Love her posts!  They are honest, frank, and to the point, with added humor.  Everything I need most days to remind me this process is difficult, but so worth it!


The questions I would like to ask:

1. If you could settle and raise a family anywhere on earth, where would it be and why?

2. If pay and benefits were of no concern, how would you choose to spend 40 hours each week?

3. Can you offer any advice to other infertiles when it comes to staying motivated day-to-day, i.e. not allowing these struggles to overtake our lives and minds?

4. What’s your go-to health food when you’re short on time?

5. What is the earliest memory you have?

6. Do you have any family traditions you’d like to pass down to your children?

7. What were you to up (roughly) ten years ago today? Five years ago today?

8. If you could change one decision, big or small, in your past, what would it be and why?

Thank you Jessica for nominating me!!!

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  1. I loved reading this! Your answers are awesome! 🙂

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