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Stim Day 10

The good news, my ultrasound and estradiol level were great this morning! But the bad news, my follicles aren’t quite large enough to trigger with the HCG tonight for a retrieval Thursday. So, one of my meds is being increased tonight. My Follistim will go from 150 back to 225 units, which is where it started several days ago. Lupron will remain at 5 units and Menopur will remain at 2 bottles, 150 units. My estradiol level was 1306 this morning, so creeping up, but just a little slow. I suspect because I started on 20 units daily of Lupron. I’m getting there though. My doctor just thinks I need one more day with increased meds to get my follicles to the correct size for retrieval. My estradiol progress is below.

photo 3

I wasn’t all that fond of my ultrasound tech today. I hadn’t met her before and she told me she was part-time, which in and of itself is fine… But I totally got the impression she was lazy. She only measured some of my follicles, perhaps only the larger ones, which is what matters I guess, but I was curious to see my total count, and thus I don’t think my report shows that, as it states 14 total. I’m not paying too much attention to numbers right now, although I’ll be very anxious to hear how many mature eggs are retrieved.

My lining is thinner today than it was Sunday morning. It dropped from 8.9mm to 7.5mm, why I have no idea. I’m hoping the lazy tech just measured wrong. I asked the nurse and she said anything over 6mm is fine… We shall see. Sounds low from what I’m heard from others, but I trust they know what they are doing. My ultrasound report is below.

photo 2

The u/s tech did give me a picture of my ovaries… She called them ‘kissing ovaries’ as they are large enough now that the weight of the follicles are pulling them down and thus they are touching one another. I honestly don’t even understand how this is possible as I thought they were both quite off to the sides in there, but what do I know, apparently! Here is the picture, if you can decipher one ovary from the other!

photo 1

So, I’m to report back tomorrow (Wednesday the 30th) morning for yet another ultrasound and estradiol level. They are guessing I’ll get to trigger Wednesday night and thus have the retrieval Friday morning now. I should know more tomorrow after my appointment! I’m good with Friday, that gives me the weekend to lay around and complain to Eric. Oh, and recover. HEHE. And a transfer on Wednesday maybe?? More to come!

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  1. Yay! So exciting 🙂 grow baby grow!

  2. Exciting! Sending fertile thoughts!

  3. eek! gettin’ close 🙂

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