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Trigger Day!!!

My ultrasound this morning went perfectly, and…  Eric was able to accompany me to the appointment!

Results are below.  I have one follicle that is 22mm and two that are 18mm, so we are good to go ahead with retrieval!  At this point they are counting 15 measurable follicles, but the nurse assured me they will attempt to pull an egg from each follicle, even those too small to measure as of this morning.

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I questioned my u/s tech this morning regarding my lining, as yesterday it measured thinner than on Sunday, which didn’t make much sense.  The tech today measured it at 10.1mm, and was fairly certain yesterday’s measurement was just simply incorrect.  Something about my retroverted uterus being difficult to measure.  Yes, of course I’m difficult.  I’m reminded of this every time I’m sent to the ‘special’ waiting room.

Eric and I left our appointment with a booklet of directions.  Wow, I’m really glad he was with me.  Our first set of directions were to inject hCG tonight for the final step in maturing my eggs.  It was to be injected at precisely 7:30pm as my retrieval is set for 7:30am Friday, a set number of hours after the hCG is given.  Timing is important here, as the eggs need to be retrieved before my body ovulates on its own, in which case, this would all be for nothing…  Scary!

This hCG injection was the first intramuscular, and thus, a huge needle into my hip.  Yes, remember how I’m terrified of needles?  The ones in my belly seemed easy next to this one.  Thankfully Eric will be around to give these, since I’m still not quite brave enough to stab one and a half inches of a sharp metal object into my behind every evening.  Honestly though, as scared as I was, I hardly felt it.  And no, I’m not just saying that.  The actual injection was pretty painless.  I will say I’m experiencing some burning and tenderness at the inject site now, but nothing too terrible.  One huge needle shot over with, only quite a few more to go!

So tomorrow (Thursday) will be the first day of no injections in what feels like a really long time!  Yeah!  Then, Friday morning at 7am Eric and I are to report to the IVF clinic.  I’ll be prepped for the procedure, an IV will be started for my sedation, and while my (hopefully adorable) eggs are sucked out with yet another huge needle, Eric will give his sample of sperm.  I fear Eric killed all his good sperm this past weekend at the wedding, as I’m pretty sure he drank his weight in whiskey, but he assures me there are still millions of good ones left.  We shall see.

I’m working all day tomorrow yet, but honestly, I’m not sure how I’m going to focus.  And I’m hoping I don’t become more uncomfortable with this bloating and overall feeling of fullness I’ve been experiencing all week.  I’ll be very relieved when this part of the process is complete!

Please keep Eric and me in your thoughts and prayers Friday morning.  I’ll try to post something Friday afternoon, even if only to let you know how many eggs were retrieved.  When I’m feeling better, hopefully Saturday, I’ll make sure to post all about the procedure.

Stay tuned…

14 thoughts on “Trigger Day!!!

  1. Yes, I will definitely have you and Eric in my thoughts and prayers Friday! Good luck with everything 🙂

    1. Thank you!

  2. I am so excited for you to finally be at this point. Next week at this time you’ll be pregnant!

    1. Crazy, right?

  3. Lookin’ good! I’ll be thinking of you! XO

    1. Thank you!

  4. Yeah! Sounds like everything is perfect! I can’t wait to hear about your pregnancy announcement!

    1. Thank you!

  5. Good Luck for Friday! Can’t wait to hear how you got on!

    1. Thank you!

  6. The report looks great! Wishing you so much luck for tomorrow and will be thinking of you on Friday. Rest up today 😀 trigger made me feel pregnant!

    1. Thank you! So far from the trigger I feel, well, strange. Almost sick to my stomach, but in waves, and a bit dizzy at times, like I can’t focus. Might be all in my head! And I certainly feel less bloated, wasn’t expecting that!

  7. Good luck Friday! I hope everything goes according to plan!

    1. Thank you!

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