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Okay everyone, call me crazy, but I swear I have a belly already.  I mean, I realize it can’t actually be the baby, but still, something is in there.  And I only had two of the dark chocolate covered sea salt caramels today!  I’m serious starting to wonder if we’re indeed having twins.  I briefly browsed the internet to see when most women carrying twins started showing and a lot suggested as early as 6 weeks.  Of course, a ton said like 20 weeks too, so who the heck knows.

I did quite a bit of walking today.  At the mall, but that counts, right??  I noticed the more I walked, the more I was feeling strange twinges and cramps, well sorta cramps, but not really.  I mean, not all that painful, but an odd pulling or ache every now and again.  My many pregnancy books tells me this is normal…

And crap, it’s time again for my progesterone shot and next dose of estrogen.

Hope you’re all having a splendid Saturday evening!

2 thoughts on “6w1d

  1. Yay!! How fun would twins be? Loving following your journey! Enjoy that belly!

    1. Um, okay, for a few moments I think how fun it would be to buy the twin stroller I’ve been eyeing. But then I remember how much I love sleep! Honestly though, I’ll be happy with whichever God decides to give me, just as long as they are healthy.

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