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Maybe the hormones but I just really want to complain right now.

I’m not sick but I’m not not sick either. I have this odd icky feeling. Not like I’m going to throw up. Just icky.

It’s almost 8pm and my hubby still isn’t home from work. Why can’t we be normal and have dinner together? I mean, I would take even one night a week. Coming home to just my puppy is getting extremely old. I dream about all these happy families spending their evenings together. Not us 🙁

Thank God I’ve learned to do my own PIO injections. Kind of sucks having to depend on yourself so often though 🙁

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  1. Yeah, Mr. MLACS leaves for Canada again tomorrow (2 weeks there, 2 weeks home) and obviously it sucks for A LOT of reasons, one of which is spending a lot of time alone. And then, trying to make a baby by myself has not been working out, so… XOXO

    1. Thank you. Nice to know someone understands.

  2. Sorry you’re feeling so off. My husband and I are on opposite schedules right now so I can relate. Hopefully you guys will get more time together soon! P.S super impressing giving your own shot. I’m not sure I could do it!

    1. Yes, I am super proud of myself for doing my own PIO shots. I feel quite empowered! Eric is on call this weekend, but hopefully he isn’t too busy, I’d certainly like some downtime with him, maybe just relaxing on the couch watching movies this weekend!

  3. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. I remember that feeling. just not quite right… I’d say I hope you feel better but honestly, you probably won’t haha. I can relate in part to your frustrations about not being with your hubby more. until recently worked retail and evenings and weekends together were pretty much non- existent. ( this is not to be taken in a bad way but it’s going to be a l ooooong pregnancy if you title all your posts in terms of weeks/days haha).

    1. HAHA, I has to title them in that manner cause I’m a boring accounting 🙂 I think in terms of numbers and I’m sooo un-creative it’s hilarious. Honest, I don’t know what else to call them. I need help!

  4. I’m sorry you aren’t feeling so hot. Every since I got pregnant I haven’t really felt “good”. I think it just comes with the territory and hoping it subsides in the 2nd trimester. (I will be 10 weeks on Saturday.)

    If it makes you feel any better, I had to do all my own shots, PIO and otherwise, myself because my hubby is quadriplegic and he has no grip (can’t move his fingers). I felt sorry for myself having to do my own shots for about a second, but then I started to feel empowered. I did it all on my own! I had to rely on myself, sure, but it made me extremely proud of myself. Don’t get me wrong, God gave me the courage to administer the shots (I prayed every time, no matter how small the needle I needed reinforcement!). . . but what an awesome feeling to think God gave me the strength to get through that alone. 🙂 Maybe that will help with the way you are feeling about things. You are strong! 🙂 Hope you start feeling better.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. And I’m so very sorry concerning your husband’s condition. I can’t even imagine. I feel bad now for complaining my husband isn’t home much… It’s funny how we all think we have it so bad, well, I do anyway, and then I hear other’s stories and understand how very blessed I am. Good to luck to you!

  5. Ahh, honey, I get this. It happens everytime the Hubs deploys. I HATE it. I really hope that his schedule will at least become more predictable when he starts his new position. I know mine did in GP. I am happy you and little one are doing okay right now, so stoked and I love the ideas for the bump too!

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