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Father’s Day Weekend

I am seriously worn out, long weekend…

Eric had this weekend off, as in, completely off, no pager, no phone calls.  And you know as well as I do, this doesn’t happen often.  So we took advantage.  Well, sort of.  A little weekend away…

Thursday evening Eric’s parents called to see if we wanted to meet them in Cedar Falls for lunch on Father’s Day.  Cedar Falls, while being our home in just over 12 months now, is also halfway between our current home and Eric’s parents, not a bad drive for either of us.  So we agreed to meet, as Eric doesn’t have the opportunity often to spend time with his family.

Eric and I decided that since we were going to be in Cedar Falls on Sunday, why not drive up Saturday and make a little weekend of it.  I mean, not the coolest place to go, but a change of scenery for us none the less.  I booked playcare for Kona and a hotel for us and we were set.

Saturday late morning Eric and I dropped off Kona and headed to Cedar Rapids for a rental property sales showing.  The girl seemed interested, but her parents who tagged along seemed to offer more negative comments than I’d prefer.  We shall see…

We arrived in Cedar Falls around 2pm, checked into our hotel, freshened up a bit, and headed to an amazing furniture store our realtor recommended last time we met with her.  Wow…  I could have spent all day there.  And I might need to when we get closer to furnishing our new home!  How fun will that be??

Next was my favorite spot, the mall.  Now let me assure you, this mall is nothing special, in fact, way not as cool as the mall in my current city, but, a mall none the less.  I was out of night cream from the Philosophy counter and then just happened upon a super cute gray skirt!

By 5pm Eric and I were both starving so we headed toward downtown Cedar Falls in search of a cutesy local eatery.  I’ve heard lots of great things about Montage, and Eric having attended undergrad in Cedar Falls agreed it was tasty, from his past experience.  And it was.  Even my pre-dinner drink was yummy, a painkiller!  Eric ordered a tuna steak and I had the salmon, both accompanied by a hoisin glaze.  Excellent, I highly recommend.  Even the sides were very good!

Eric and I haven’t had a quiet dinner out together in quite some time.  Eric took advantage to really talk with me, which actually took me a bit by surprise.  He is normally quiet when it comes to his feelings, so when he blurted out ‘residency broke me’ I wasn’t exactly sure how to respond.  He went on to explain that he truly feels like the last five years, going on six, have been the hardest of his life.  He said I probably don’t actually know the real him, the happy him, the Eric before he lived and breathed medicine.  He acknowledged being down lately, overwhelmed, even angry often.  I felt really bad for him, as I honestly can’t imagine going to work each day, working 18 hour days sometimes seven days a week, all while being treated like grunt workers, rarely even being given bathroom or lunch breaks.  My work is a dream next to his…

Should I be worried or excited that Eric believes I don’t know the true him?  I’ve often complained, on here I’m sure, of his poor attitude, his lack of interest in some activities, and his constant exhaustion.  It’s thrilling to think that in as little as 12 months I could meet a happy, energetic Eric…

After dinner Eric and I decided that if Waterloo/Cedar Falls is truly going to be our home, we should start embracing it.  Yes, this is going to be hard for me!  Our waitress recommended My Waterloo Days, an event happening in downtown Waterloo this weekend.  A band, food vendors, activities for kids, etc.  You get the idea.  So we agreed to give it a chance, and I have to say, I wasn’t all that impressed, but I wasn’t as unimpressed as I expected.  The band was a group we’d never heard of, I assume local, but I really have no idea.  The food vendors were a little sad, as all I really wanted was a funnel cake, and can you believe there was not one single funnel cake vendor???  I settled on a caramel/cheese popcorn mix with fresh squeezed lemonade.  Eric was perfectly satisfied with the beer vendors…  We wandered a bit, people watching mostly, enjoying the nice weather.  My largest surprise was the quality of the people.  Now first, Eric and I were basically the only ones there without a tattoo, but aside from that, I was surprised.  Much less white trash than most of the 4th of July events in Cedar Rapids I’ve attended over the years!

We left the park around 8pm when it started to sprinkle, and then pour, as we walked to our car.  It being still early we decided to grab a movie and chill in our hotel room.  We had picked up snacks on the way so we had a little after dinner smorgasbord of junk.  It turned out to be a really fun evening!

Sunday morning we woke early to shower and beautify for lunch with Eric’s parents.  We had originally planned on BBQ, but his parents preferred a steak house, and honestly, I was fine with whatever.

Lunch was good, the food came quickly and we ate while Eric filled his parents in on the progress of the practice he and two other physicians are starting.  Most of the talk was a repeat to me, but nice to see Eric so excited about the future.

After lunch Eric’s parents climbed into our vehicle and we drove them around town as they were curious to see the house we have in mind.  We also showed them where Eric would see patients in clinic, another site for outpatient surgeries, and then one of the two hospitals he’ll have rights at for inpatient surgical cases.  I’ve seen these locations in the past, but now that we are just a year away, I’m getting more excited too.  Hopefully the next twelve months go quickly!

Around 3pm we dropped off Eric’s parents at their car and parted ways.  Eric and I stopped at Starbucks first though and I tried their new Iced Oprah Chai Tea Latte.  Way yummy!

I drove us home while Eric snored in the passenger seat.  I should be unpacking now, doing laundry, something productive, but really not in the mood.  I picked out a few recipes for dinners this week, could go pick up those groceries, but again, seriously not in the mood.  And I don’t even want to think about Kosama at 5am tomorrow, much less work.  Ick to both.  I dream of a time when my days are filled with fun and excitement rather than obligations and work.

Being it’s Father’s Day, I did text my dad this morning.  Funny, he texts but doesn’t email.  In my defense, if he did email, he’d hear from me a lot more often!  I actually don’t remember the last time we spoke…  Was it really two years ago at my wedding?  Anyway though, yes, I texted him to say happy father’s day.  Our conversation is below.  And yes, I realize it’s quite difficult to determine emotion and feelings through text, but don’t you get the impression he really didn’t want to talk?  I mean, saying have a nice day felt like he was ending the conversation.  He hasn’t talked to me in so long and all he can say is have a nice day?  I don’t know, I don’t understand him, I never have…

I have no update on baby making news.  Still bleeding.  I mean really.  When is this going to end???  This weekend was a little hard for me.  Right after I found out I was pregnant I thought about getting Eric a father’s day card, considering it his first official, even if our baby was only still an embryo.  But of course, things didn’t work out, and I guess thankfully I never bought that card for Eric.  Even My Waterloo Days was difficult though.  Everyone had children there.  It was really just geared for children, with the bouncy houses and such.  One more reminder that we are missing out, a part of our family doesn’t exist.  Maybe next year…

6 thoughts on “Father’s Day Weekend

  1. That sounds like my relationship with my dad. At least I’m not the only one.
    I’m glad you had a conversation with your husband and he was open enough to let you know he’s stressed and he’s not himself. I think that’s a big deal.

    1. Yes, not sure what to think of my dad. I texted him mostly out of obligation, how sad is that? I don’t really miss him when we don’t talk, but I have no idea his feelings. It’s hard making an effort now when he never did as I was growing up.
      As for Eric, yes, so happy we had some time together to talk over the weekend. It was really nice!

  2. I’m proud of you for embracing your new city and being excited. That is a big step. Kudos to Eric for really opening up about his feeling as that is so important.

    1. Yes, I’m trying at least! Getting a little more excited, but maybe for the wrong things, as I’m looking forward to the house and having fun decorating it.
      And yes, awesome that Eric and I had some quality time together. He really did make the effort to talk, which I liked. I wish we had more weekends together 🙁

  3. My brother-in-law is about to finish residency. He and my sister had two kids during it, and it was incredibly rough. He often says how absolutely wrecked he was those first years of residency. It is so hard – not just on the resident but on the family. I am so glad this time is coming to an end for BOTH of you – there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!!

    1. Yes, one more year, we can make it I keep telling myself. I have a countdown on my phone, 379 more days. Still feels like a lifetime away, but hoping this passes quickly. I’m more than ready for the next step in our life 🙂

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