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Still Sick

Ugh, I’m still feeling crappy today.  I had every intention in the world of going back to work today, as my team is super busy, but I woke up still feeling awful and just needed my bed.  So I’m home again, and feeling guilty.  I mean, I know I’m sick, but I hate staying home when I’m sick.  Makes me feel weak, like I should push through and be a trooper and work even when I’m sick.  And you’d think that since I’m home I could be a little productive.  But no, it’s 2:30pm and I still haven’t even showered.  Once I finish this post I promise I’ll clean up the house a bit and then jump in the shower.  Maybe 😉

I have some positive news…  I think my period/miscarriage, whatever you want to call it, has just about come to an end.  Just a little spotting since yesterday.  I called the IVF clinic yesterday afternoon and asked to schedule an ultrasound, as I had been instructed to do once my bleeding stopped.  The girl who answered the phone, I assume a scheduler, was confused by the most recent notes in my chart so offered to have a nurse call me back.  A few hours later I received a return phone call, but honestly, I have a hard time believing it was from a nurse, as she had no clue what I needed to schedule either.  So, she said she’d speak with a nurse and have one call me back in the morning.  Today around 8:15am a nurse did call me.  She said it’s their normal process to schedule a blood test once bleeding stops after a miscarriage to make sure my HCG level is zero.  So, I’ll have that drawn Monday morning at 7:30am.  She said if the level isn’t zero we’ll then need to schedule an ultrasound and go from there.  I’m not sure what the ‘go from there’ entails.  I’m hoping we don’t get to that.  So, I finally have something in my upcoming events!  Something I’m actually looking forward to!  I’m tempted to test over the weekend and make sure it shows not pregnant.  Funny how this process messes with your head and the outcomes you pray for on those test…

Eric just texted me about dinner with friends tonight…  I realize I’m no longer contagious, as I’ve been on antibiotics for almost 48 hours now, but I’m certainly not feeling awesome by any means.  I’ll search our home pharmacy for something to make me perky, happy, and not a train wreak for dinner.  Wish me luck!

7 thoughts on “Still Sick

  1. sorry to hear your feeling to shitty. being sick is the worst. amazing that you’re going to rally and go out to dinner – I’d be staying home to have a little pity party for myself 🙂 I’ll be hoping your hcg test comes back at zero on Monday so you can start to get some closure and maybe think about what comes next. have a great weekend!

    1. Well, to be completely honest I’d much rather stay laying on the couch tonight… But, we haven’t seen these friends in awhile and I know Eric is looking forward to dinner out. So, I’ll be a good sport. I showered and attempted to make myself pretty 🙂

  2. 🙁 Hope you get better soon!

    1. Thank you, me too!

  3. Oh man. Feel better soon!

    1. Thank you!

  4. I hope you are feeling better and had a good night out with Eric and your friends. 🙂

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