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BFFs in 30s

Hopefully the link works, I’m posting from my phone…

This article is why I should stay off Facebook. Yes, how cute that all your friends are busy with their kids! Cause I’m clearly not! I still enjoy all the fun crap from our 20s. But clearly I can’t take part, as everyone else has moved on. Yes everyone else from my past…

2 thoughts on “BFFs in 30s

  1. OMG, we are the same way!!! My fertile friends JUST DON’T GET IT, nor do they have any sympathy for what i’m going through. I just found out that over brunch this past weekend, they learned another GF may go the IVF route… they started saying “It’s not that hard to get pregnant, just have sex. its that simple”. It totally made me fume!! Their ignorance and lack of compassion kills me.

    Anywhoo… I quit facebook about a year ago. It was the best thing I did. For two reasons, 1) its rough seeing friends consumed with their kids and 2) it’s tough for me that others can look into my life knowing I DON’T have kids (yet). The pain is still there as I am on Instagram, but my friends are very limited.

    Hang in there. I know your time will come again. Will you be trying soon once your HCG goes down to zero (sorry it’s taking so long)?

    hugs xo

    1. Thank you. As much as I hate that you and fellow bloggers are struggling too, it’s nice to know someone understands. As for trying again, I want to as soon as possible. They said I need at least 2 normal periods after this miscarriage though, so who knows how long that is going to be!

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