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Broken Record

I kind of feel like a broken record.  Like with each negative post, more and more of you are un-following, hoping I don’t drag you down with me.  I swear I didn’t used to be this way.  No really, I didn’t.

I just had a bad day, tomorrow will be better, right?

I had two rental showings scheduled for tonight.  One at 5:30pm, a Realtor who called yesterday and asked if clients of his could set up a showing.  They were undecided if they wanted to buy now or just rent for another year, but either way they wanted to see my place.  And then I’d scheduled another showing at 6pm, a woman looking for a three bedroom but would settle on my two bedroom and use the lower level as a third bedroom.  Both sounded somewhat promising.

So I rushed out of work as I had to pick up Kona from playcare (no judging), dropped her at home, stopped to pick up Eric’s dry cleaning, two suits and ten shirts, and then drove the 20ish minutes straight north.  I arrived with a few minutes to spare as I ran around the house, turning on all the lights, closing closet doors, well, you get the idea.

At 5:45pm I left a nasty message for the Realtor, asking if he was still planning on stopping over with his clients, as I’d thought we’d agreed on 5:30pm…  He ended up returning my call on my drive home later, apologizing for forgetting about our appointment.  Nice, very classy.

My 6pm showing called at 5:59pm with a story about her sister being admitted to the hospital and needing to pick up her kids.  Okay, maybe this was true, although I’ve heard every excuse in the book over the years, and it surely sounded like an excuse to me.  We rescheduled for tomorrow at 5:30pm.

So essentially I drove there for nothing today, and now have to drive there again tomorrow evening.  I’d actually had a showing scheduled last night as well, but told him to text me 30 minutes prior to our agreed upon meeting time to confirm.  He didn’t text therefore I didn’t waste my time driving there last night.  I did just receive an email from him though that he’d like to meet tomorrow night.  I told him 5:30pm tomorrow as well.  I mean really, what are the chances two outta two will show?

So yeah, it’s 7:20pm now, no sign of Eric, and of course can’t get a hold of him, I assume he’s in surgery.  I’m starving and tired and cranky.  Do I find my own dinner or wait for him?  Or just go to bed?  Did I mention I’m cranky?

20 thoughts on “Broken Record

  1. Ugh, it really stinks that both people tonight stood you up. How frustrating! I hope tomorrow night is much better. As for dinner, I would eat whatever I wanted and then I’d probably go to bed early. Hang in there, dear. Something’s gonna give soon!

    1. All I can think about is Dairy Queen. I’m trying to resist!

      1. Haha. It’s so hard to resist the deliciousness that is Dairy Queen!

        1. I was good last night, but I might not be able to say the same for tonight!

  2. Sorry your day was so rough. Here’s to hoping tomorrow is better!

    1. So far so good, but it’s only 1:30pm 😉

      1. Regardless of what happens next, at least you got to 1:30! I figure that’s better then nothing. I hope the rest of you day goes well. 🙂

        1. Thank you!

  3. You are not a broken record! You are going through a lot and you can be “negative” if you want. I really hope things start to turn up for you! Sending good thoughts your way!

    1. Thank you!

  4. At some point it will get better!!! Keep your chin up!

    1. Thank you!

  5. I would have eaten. I’m not a fun hangry person.

    1. Yeah, I get moody if it’s too long between my meals. I ended up eating, and thank goodness since he didn’t get home until almost midnight.

  6. If it makes you feel any better, I ate 2 convenience store hot dogs (no bun, of course, because I’m gluten-free). It sucks that the realtor stood you up–hopefully good things will happen tomorrow. And most IF bloggers love ‘misery’ but will unfollow when you’re pregnant (at least that’s how I roll), so I’m surprised that you’re feeling “unpopular” during hard times. That’s why I love anonymous blogging–I don’t feel any pressure to represent myself in a flattering way or worry when readers don’t respond well. XOXO

    1. Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have been so open on here about who I am in real life, but clearly too late for that now! I think I need to remember that I’m really writing for me and others and read or not read.

  7. First, you’re not a broken record. Or if you are, I haven’t noticed you skipping. 😉

    Second, try not to sweat the small stuff if you can. I’m giving this advice to you because I’m trying to embrace it myself right now. It’s not all small stuff (I can’t quite buy into that part of the mantra), but although each annoying hiccup seems like a big deal in the moment, in the big picture, it may not be. I’m not fussed about you bemoaning each hiccup, but I am mindful of how negativity can impact our own moods/cellular renewal and general functioning so I’m going to encourage both of us to try taking a few deep breaths and letting go.

    You game?

    1. No promises, but I’ll try. I had a good visit with my therapist this morning. Maybe I’ll post about it tonight, more to remind myself of all the good advice and ideas she gives me.

  8. It takes time! You don’t have to fake cheerfulness. This is real life!

    1. Good to know 🙂 My husband and I have a dinner planned tomorrow night with people he works with. I’m dreading it, mainly because I’ve just been so tired lately and still not in the mood to socialize. I originally said I’ll attend the dinner, but now I kind of want to back out. I’m trying to please myself more than others, but hard to know where the line is…

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