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6th Year Begins

Wow, have I really not written since Thursday, and now it’s Sunday?  That’s unlike me…

So recap, Thursday I had the really good day, touched base with a few friends which seemed to recharge me a bit.  Friday morning I got to work and realized my boss was out for the day.  Normally I like this…  I mean, I work almost completely on my own aside from meetings we have randomly scheduled with her and others, either in our department or out in clinical areas of the hospital, but the days still feel less stressful when she’s out of the office.

My boss has been a little, well, let’s say busy lately, and thus I had a few things on my desk which I kept putting aside waiting for her.  Now granted, yes, I had plenty of other things to do Friday too, but I’m one of those people who hate to get behind, I hate having the pile of stuff looking at me!  So at noon I decided I was going to take the afternoon off since I couldn’t touch base with my boss anyway.

I got home around 1pm and realized I was exhausted.  Why, no idea, as I’d skipped working out that morning, so got an extra hour of sleep as it was.  So, I laid down for a bit, thinking I’d just rest, but apparently was out until about 4pm when a friend texted me.  And thank goodness for that friend, as I needed to jump in the shower and get ready for dinner out.

Every year around this time, as the current chief residents complete their training and officially enter the workforce, and the new residents begin the horrid journey, Eric’s program hosts a dinner to celebrate.  I can’t speak for others, but my impression of the dinner is forced fun by his department.  I mean, we are expected to be there, as if Eric isn’t expected to give up enough of his time, and then to give up another Friday evening which he would have normally had off.  Anyway, we got to the hotel ballroom at 6:30pm for cocktails and appetizers, dinner was served around 7:30pm and then we were forced to endure several speakers and an awards presentation.  Seating is assigned, but at least this year they put all the same year residents at the same tables.

A girlfriend from work had let me know earlier in the day that she was going to be out and about that evening, so my originally plan was to meet up with her group after dinner, which we did.  Eric joined me but he seemed a little out of sorts with all women, so after one beer decided he was going to stop at another bar where most of his fellow residents and staff had decided to go.  I convinced my work friend to join us, in hopes we could find her a rich, single doctor.  That didn’t exactly happen, but the night still turned out to be a lot of fun, for me anyway.  Eric and I made it home, Pokey Stix in hand, around 2:30am.  Not so much a problem for me, but Eric had to be up at 6am to give a talk as part of the celebration weekend.  Yeah, not only do they require residents and spouses to attend the dinner Friday night, but a visiting profession holds conferences all day Saturday for the residents, so another day Eric was required to work.

I slept in Saturday morning and to my surprise Eric was home by noon.  Apparently most of the residents and staff were hung-over and tired, so the lecture series was hurried along.  Golfing was planned for the afternoon, but somehow Eric slipped away, and I’m thankful for that.  I showered once he was home and we ran to pick up groceries together, something that never happens.  Yes, sometimes it really is the little things, like having your husband along to buy groceries.  We got steaks to grill at home and for the most part just chilled last night, both still a little exhausted from our Friday evening escapades.  We are really getting way too old to be out so late!

So it’s Sunday…  Eric got up early to go into work.  He’s technically off today, but clearly there is no such thing.  He was meeting another resident to work on a presentation for God only knows what, and then I think tonight all the urology residents are getting together to review expectations for next year.  Since tomorrow will be the first day of Eric’s 6th, and final, year of residency, he’s now officially one of the chief residents.  Seems he’s laying down the law right off the bat!

So another day without Eric.  I should clean, the house looks a bit like it threw up on itself, especially the kitchen, as remnants of last night’s dinner are still here and there.  Or there is laundry.  The list of fun stuff I could be doing just never ends!

In baby making news…  I’m quite confused by this miscarriage, period, bleeding thing.  Maybe one of you can tell me if this is normal….  I originally bleed for 16 days, which ended on June 20th.  Then nothing for 5 days until on the 26th, so last Thursday, I had heavy bleeding again.  That seems to have tapered off today now, so 3 days of bleeding.  Tomorrow morning I have another beta before work.  It damn well better be much lower than last week’s level of 118!  This process feels so stalled.  I just want to get on with my life, get on with the trying, of knowing we are at least working toward getting pregnant.  Stalled is not a good place to be.

13 thoughts on “6th Year Begins

  1. My miscarriage was like that too, blood would come & go. What was most surprising is that I went from an hcg of 35 to 7 with no bleeding at all (over a two week time span). After 7 my RE stopped testing my hcg levels.

    1. I’m super anxious to see my level tomorrow!

      1. I’m praying for a low number for you so you can put this part of the miscarriage behind you. Keep us readers updated on the number!

  2. We have a lot of friends who are doctors at different stages of residency, and I have no idea how they and their spouses do it! Kudos to both you and Eric for making such a difficult situation work, even though I would assume at times it is very challenging.

    As for the miscarriage, this isn’t going to be what you want to hear, but according to all of my doctors, each time I’ve been told that if the bleeding comes and goes and doesn’t stop for at least 10 consecutive days, it means it is not complete. It will eventually end, but until you pass all the pregnancy products, you will continue to have a positive hcg. I’m hoping your blood test tomorrow goes well!

    1. Thank you. I’m trying to stay positive, but if you read my post tonight, well, you’ll see I’m failing at that!

  3. Praying for low levels tomorrow so you can move forward!!!

    1. Thank you… We shall try again next Monday!

  4. Congratulations to Eric, and to you as his partner, for getting to 6th year. The end is in sight! I’m glad you were able to have fun Friday night after the dinner and that you got some unexpected time together on Saturday.

    1. 🙂

  5. Thinking about you today as you go in to check your hcg level. Hoping hoping hoping it has gone down to nothing! I had inconsistent bleeding with all of my miscarriages. Just when I thought I was finally through it, I would start again – like a slap in the face.

    1. Yes, got that slap in the face again this morning. This has to end soon!

      1. Ugh. Was so hoping for a better number for you. The end must be near…

        1. Let’s hope so!

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