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7 More Months of Waiting???

When it rains, it pours, literally.  It’s been raining for days, check out the pictures of my backyard.  I give it another couple of hours until the lovely creek in my backyard becomes a not so lovely creek in my basement.

Flood of 2014 021

Flood of 2014 024

Received my repeat beta level this afternoon, 42 now, down from 118 a week ago.  So down, but seriously not down as much as I’d hoped.  So you guessed it, another level next Monday, July 7th.  And still alternating between spotting and a light period.  This is seriously no fun.

After I received my results today I did some math in my head…

I read online that one can expect a period from roughly 4-7 weeks after a 0 beta is determined.  Then, I need 3 regular periods before we can even start the next IVF cycle, which lets assume takes a good 2-3 months until I could reasonably expect to get a positive pregnancy test.  That’s assuming I would get pregnant with the next cycle, which has only like a 45% chance.  And I’d still have to consider the clinic’s downtimes, as they don’t start cycles just any old day or week.

So, say my level gets down to zero in 2 more weeks, then say 5 weeks to get my 1st period, then 9 more to get 2 more periods, then 3 months for an IVF cycle including the TWW.  That’s what… 28 weeks, or roughly 7 freaking months from now??  How am I supposed to wait that long??  That’s almost enough time to grow an entire human, and yet I’ll still be just pregnant at that point, if that!

So question, those of you who have lived through a miscarriage and continued with an IVF cycle, did your clinics make you wait through 3 normal periods?  Isn’t there any way I can speed up this process???  Maybe I do need to borrow someone else’s womb…  Oh wait, we’d still need to get my eggs, so that doesn’t actually speed up this process.  Damn, this totally sucks.

And with that, I might as well just go to bed.  Did I mention I got a spray tan today?  And that it poured.  And whatever is in the spray tan tastes especially lovely to my Kona.  I wonder if there’s a way to blend the lick marks on my legs…

12 thoughts on “7 More Months of Waiting???

  1. I had to wait 3 months after my miscarriage to try even the natural way. But this is because I had to have methotrexate, a chemo drug, as my RE suspected an ectopic pregnancy. Prior to resorting to methotrexate, my RE told me we’d only have to wait one cycle. I hope the next 7 months fly by, waiting is definitely the worst!

    1. I need to schedule another consult and make sure the 3 cycles is correct. If I don’t have to wait, there is no way I will pick to wait!

  2. Hey sweets–I wish I had any answers or encouragement–this makes me realize that there’s SO much I don’t know about IVF.
    I haven’t had a spray tan in awhile because I’ve been using the Jergens “healthy glow” self tanners for both my body *and* they now have one for the face. I like it because spray tan dries out my already dry skin and encourages break outs, plus it comes off unevenly on me (like my body rejects it) whereas the Jergens looks more natural on me & makes my skin really soft. For what that’s worth.
    Hoping your basement stays dry! We (below you, in the Midwest) are under storm watch but it hasn’t hit us yet.

    1. Yes, I’m orangeish and it is fading a little bit strange. Not sure I would go back to this spray tan place, but I’m curious to try another place before I rule this out altogether!

  3. Ugh, that is so much waiting! I hope you can talk your clinic into moving things up a bit. Three normal periods seems excessive, maybe you can push back.

    1. I’m gonna try to push back. I’m not a patient person!

  4. So I haven’t done IVF after a miscarriage, but I have done medicated/injectable/IUI cycles after multiple miscarriages. At MOST they’ve made me wait 2 periods after the miscarriage, but the other two m/c we only had to wait through one full cycle. There are a TON of studies out there about how your chances are MUCH better the sooner you get pregnant after a m/c. If I recall correctly from my research, 6 months is the magic number (so you want to get pregnant within 6 months of your previous m/c). You can do your own research, but the thought is that your body is already partially there so it’s more ready to accept another embryo. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is I’d push for 2 cycles after, not 3. Sorry for the long winded answer 🙂

    1. Don’t be sorry, the more I can learn from all of you fellow bloggers the better! I’m going to try to push back and see what they say. If they are really going to make me wait 3 cycles, I want them to really explain to me why it’s needed. Thanks for the information!

  5. I started down-regulating for IVF immediately after I got my first normal period after a D&C at 10 weeks. Have they told you why they want you to wait 3 cycles?

    1. They said they want my body to re-regulate my hormones on it’s own… But I guess I’m not really sure what that means! My clinic is SUPER conservative… so, we’ll see. I’m going to ask them again about it.

  6. Back when my clinic thought I was having a miscarriage they said I would need to wait 2 cycles before resuming a medicated cycle (Femara and IUI.) When it was determined that the pregnancy was ectopic and I ended up needing surgery to remove it, they told me to wait 3 months (not necessarily cycles) before starting the IVF process. We ended up putting IVF on hold and I got pregnant naturally 5 months later. So I guess what I’m saying is, it seems like you should only need to wait 2 cycles before beginning IVF. The only reason I was told to wait 3 is because my body was healing from surgery. Hope that helps!

    1. Interesting… I really do need to confirm this whole waiting process with my clinic!

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