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Calling all Photographers

Sometimes I sit here and have crazy ideas…  I think of the things I really enjoy and try to imagine a job doing such.  I mean really, if you do what you love all day, do you ever really work?  And I know, in my last post I promised myself I’d make a list detailing what I don’t love about my work, but how about starting with what I would love about working?  In no particular order…

  • Make my own hours / schedule ~ it’s not that I’m not willing to work long hours, but I crave some flexibility, the option to start at 7am one day, but noon the next, even if it meant working into the evening
  • Choose my work location ~ sometimes I think I’d prefer to work from home, in my PJ’s, but other days, I’d like to get out and about, regardless though, going to the same office everyday bores me
  • I’m hugely into online communication, but I haven’t quite figured out how to make this work in my current role
  • I love writing, photography (although I’m not good), accounting/finance, creating and updating websites, and so much more, none of which I use in my current role
  • I’m extremely organized, detailed oriented, I make sure everything is ‘handled’ so to speak
  • At one point in my life I thought I’d make a great wedding planner, but then I realized brides are crazy
  • At another point in my life I thought I’d love being a Realtor,  but then I realized the rejection might be too much for me to handle, that and people never actually appearing at their scheduled showings
  • And then remember the coffee shop idea?  Not outta my head yet, but not possible right now, as I need capital which Eric and I won’t have access to until at least a year from now
  • I’ve often though I’d be great as a business manager…  I imagine perhaps a local photography shop.  Frankly, I kinda suck at actually taking pictures, so I’d need to partner with the photographers, but I could easily see myself handling every other aspect of the business, including scheduling, customer service, accounting/finance, ordering, website/advertising…
  • Hum… now where can I find some amazing photographers who need me to manage their business??

6 thoughts on “Calling all Photographers

  1. Have you ever looked into Web Design? Very good money, you can work from home, or anywhere you want. You get to be creative. Just a thought. I too struggle with deciding what I would truly love to do for work. I haven’t worked in years so when I do go back, I want to make sure I’m completely happy and in-love with my career.

    Good luck on your quest! 🙂

    1. I have thought of taking some classes. I just fear it’s too technical and not creative enough… Although maybe I’d be surprised by what the classes actually offer.

  2. Well now see … You’re good at all the stuff I hate! My hubby goes MAD at me when the weekend before taxes need to be submitted I hand him a box of receipts and a handful of bank statements and smile sweetly at him knowing I’ve just given him a HUGE headache! Every year he makes me promise to get better! Hmm … But maybe I just need a Stefanie in my life! You fancy relocating to Vancouver Island?!

    1. Who says I need to relocate?? Can’t I just work from my home? Although, maybe it’s more exciting there than in boring Iowa!

  3. Approach new photographers or set up a booth at a bridal expo? Personally, as a photographer, a lot of the work can be done from home. Some require an actual studio but don’t have the means to get a brick and mortar place. With that being said, hmmmm— start hitting the local photographers with an idea and see how many would be interested in maybe a shared studio? Like a hair salon- make them pay a studio fee.

    1. Good ideas, I’m making notes of all this. Sounds a little overwhelming to get started, but honestly, I think the work would make me so much happier than how I’m currently spending my days!

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