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Not so in-love with my work…

Remember how my therapist suggested I make a list of why I despise my work?  Well, here it is, in no particular order.

  • Set hours – Okay, I kind of come and go as I please, but for the most part I’m there by 8am and leave sometime after 4pm when I decide my work is complete for the day.
  • Set location – When I’m at work, I’m normally at my desk, in front of my computer.  Not a lot of variety there, meaning, I do have some meetings which get me out of my regular element, but 99% of the time, I’m sitting at my desk with an excel spreadsheet, or several, open in front of me.
  • Dreary environment – My office is a bit on the dark side.  There are windows, but they are tinted and thus don’t offer much for natural life.  Nor do they open, so it’s manufactured hospital air which is recycled for us, day after day.  Not sure how to accurately explain the level of ick, the environment is just overall depressing.  Granted, there are some coworkers who I truly enjoy seeing each day, but our interaction is limited to coffee breaks and lunch, since they don’t work on my team.
  • Challenge in all the wrong places – I’m always up for a challenge, but since I’m been in my role over a year now, learning the basics are complete.  That said, there are lots of challenges, but those mostly involve dealing with the inconsistency of my leader.  Bless her heart, she’s a lovely woman, but as far as a source of information and assistance with questions, well, she is not that.
  • No structure – Fine, yes, I did just say above that I want more flexibility, and now I want structure.  Or maybe I just want more organization in the workplace.  Everyday feels like a fire drill, last minute entries to make, no real overall plan or scope of work that needs to be completed.  Too many surprises, none of which are ever good!
  • Accounting is boring – No clue how to spin this one positive.  Accounting is just really boring when your day consists of posting entries.  I do love numbers, but perhaps I need a bit of creativity mixed in.
  • Little interaction – My previous role with a previous employer involved similar tasks, but yet it was somehow more thrilling.  I’ve come to the conclusion it’s mainly due to the amount of interaction I have with those outside my own department, which is basically little to none in person.  Sure, I get tons of phone calls and emails, but how fun are those?  The majority of those I email or call daily I wouldn’t know if I ran into them in the cafe.
  • Debbie Downer – This particular co-worker has been mentioned in the past, so not much explanation needed here.  But truly, she ruins my mood pretty much every day.
  • Little recognition – Maybe this one isn’t fair, I mean, they pay me well, is that my recognition?  I guess I’m not all that motivated by money, or at least a consistent amount of money, not tired to my performance.
  • Little sense of completion – For those of you who work in accounting, you’ll understand…  Our work revolves around cycles, be it months, quarters, years, you get the idea.  We work our butts off to get a period closed, only to start all over the following day.  It’s a never-ending cycle of well, I’m not sure.  I never seem to feel like I’ve completed anything.  I mean, my God, the majority of my entries are auto-reversing so I can post them again the following month!
  • Set end date – Ultimately I will leave my current role in 352 days now, although probably even sooner.  How could I ever feel like I’m working my way anywhere knowing this position has a set end date?

Perhaps more to come…

2 thoughts on “Not so in-love with my work…

  1. I agree with the sitting at a screen all day. Often the hours just drag when in the same place doing the same thing. Maybe as the end nears it will get easier to tolerate all the things that you don’t like? Or maybe it’s helpful to sit down and make a concrete list?

    1. Yes, I’m counting the days. At first I thought it was helping, now I’m starting to wonder!

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