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More Disappointment

The disappointment is just never-ending in this struggle for a mini-me.  Tomorrow afternoon is, well, soon to be was, our IVF consult to discuss next steps, what we’ll change next cycle, when the next cycle can start, etc.  Tomorrow’s appointment will not be taking place.  My boss asked me to reschedule.

I’m beyond annoyed and frustrated.  I mean, really, I don’t even have the words.  On one hand I fully understand it’s year-end, we are one team member short already, and the deadline to post entries (AKA get a shit-ton of work completed) is 4pm tomorrow.  But then there is the part of me that doesn’t give a rat’s ass (or whatever that saying is) about my job.  I want a baby.  I would do anything for a baby.  I was so looking forward to our appointment tomorrow.  But no, I’ll continue to wait.  God only knows how far out this will push this process.  And Eric even rearranged his schedule to join me tomorrow, which is beyond difficult.

I know, I know, it’s not the end of the world, it’s one appointment.  But to me, it’s so much more.  I was so excited to figure out our plan going forward.  But now all I’m left with is guilt for wanting to put my doctor’s appointment ahead of my work.

As long as I’m complaining., check out this Facebook post.  I shared it from a ‘friend’ onto my wall last night.  You can only imagine the contents of the article.  Basically those with children have concurred the entire world before those without children are even out of bed.  And yes, I understand it was supposed to be funny, but frankly, it’s not.  I may be childless, but I certainly don’t waste away every Saturday morning in bed till noon.  And fine, maybe from time to time I do, but for those of you with children, do you have any idea what I would give up to have a child of my own?  Way more than sleep!  So no, to me, it wasn’t funny.

30 thoughts on “More Disappointment

  1. How long we that appt supposed to last? Can u just go into work extra early to make up the time? I am disappointed for you….I think u should just go!

    1. I think it’s scheduled for an hour, but who knows if we’ll sit in the waiting room forever. As far as making up the time, it can’t really be about that, as I’ve worked enough extra this week already. Real problem though, is that no matter how early I go in tomorrow, my boss will still be handing me stuff to complete at 3:59!

  2. Boo! I always tell my manager I have an appointment and I’ll be back at x time, thanks for understanding instead of asking for permission. And I tell myself that the bank I work for will still be in business if I take a vacation day or two hours for myself for an appt. I’m so sorry she asked you to reschedule. Obviously she doesn’t know that health and sanity are always a priority over work. I hope you can get another appt soon.

    1. My boss knows what the appointment is for so she also knows it’s not life or death. Obviously still important to me though 🙁

  3. 1. I hope you can reschedule that appointment soon. That sucks that work is getting in the way.
    2. I saw that “have kids and don’t have kids” thing on FB as well, as though those of us without kids have this amazing leisure life.

  4. KEEP YOUR APPOINTMENT REGARDLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I don’t really feel like I have a choice other then to reschedule. I mean, wouldn’t keeping my appointment be like telling my boss I don’t value my work?

  5. I went and looked at that dumb thing again. “You adjust your sleep number bed which you bought with all your disposable income.” I spend all my money on TRYING to have a kid. I always let stuff like that go because I’m always afraid of petty Internet comment fights, but sometimes I want to just freak out.

    1. So true!

  6. Your boss knew what the appt was for and still asked you to reschedule? Not cool 🙁 I get that it’s not life or death, but it has to be obvious how important it is! Super disappointing, I’m sorry.

    1. Yeah, I’ve been fairly open with her about all my appointments. I guess she didn’t have another choice as we have a deadline that can’t be moved. Just crappy.

  7. If you are leaving in a years time anyways why not just say to her that this appointment is really important to you and Eric. And just make up the time in the evening. I guess from my perspective this is exactly what I did for my old company and in the end no-one won because I quit due to not being able to juggle everything and feeling completely overwhelmed.
    Anyways if you choose to reschedule I hope the new appointment is super quick!

    1. The problem is it’s not really possible to make up time. We have deadlines that can’t be moved. Just sucks all the way around. I’ll deal, but so disappointed.

      1. I totally get this. I hated what these situations did to me, so I just wish there was a way for you to make it all work. I guess, without meaning to, you’ve made me realize one of the really good things about me having quit. Anyways, good luck today and hoping you get your new appointment date ASAP. 🙂

        1. Yes, my appointment is now Monday, so not that far off. But regardless, getting pregnant is really far more important to me right now than work… Maybe that’s the sign I need to quit. We shall see…

  8. I’m really sorry. This kind of shit is why I lie to my employer or just say “critical medical appointment it took a long time to get and that I cannot change”. Do you have a new date for the appointment yet? FWIW I can’t find that FB crap funny either. Hence my aversion to FB!

    1. I’ll be calling the clinic here very soon to reschedule. Maybe I’ll beg them to fit me in sometime really soon! Yes, it’s gotten to begging! As for Facebook, I should just stay off it! Most times I can ignore the crap on there, but every now and again I have to speak my mind!

      1. I hope (a) they can fit you in soon; and (b) you can tell your boss it is life or death (or not tell her anything, just book the time off and say it’s not negotiable). Good luck!

        1. Appointment is now Monday. Still working on the boss as she asked me to cancel an appt I had today as well 🙁

  9. I’m so sorry! It’s hard enough going through this journey only to have a boss who would even have the nerve to ask you to do that. 🙁

    1. Yes…. it is. Thankfully my appointment is Monday, so not that far off!

  10. I’m sorry, that’s so frustrating!!! I hope you’re able to reschedule very soon!

    1. Yes, Monday thankfully!

  11. I understand the disappointment, that feeling that you are stuck and can’t move forward. Hoping you are able to reschedule soon.

    1. Appointment is Monday, thank goodness!

      1. Glad that it wasn’t delayed too much longer… Hugs

  12. Can’t you invoke FMLA? It’s a doctor’s appointment, that you gave prior notice about! Not fair!

    1. Probably not… It’s not life or death, and don’t you have to have FMLA approved prior to the appointments and time off? I don’t even know how it works! I guess it’s fine, I made it work, and the work was accomplished, just pissed me off. I’ll get over it…

      1. As long as you request the FMLA ahead of time, it can be approved later, especially if what they are waiting on is medical documentation. I’m glad it worked out for you, though.

  13. I’m sorry. 🙁 Glad you’re getting in Monday though!

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