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OvaCue has arrived…

I was finally able to slip out of work early today to pick up my OvaCue Fertility Monitor at the post office before they closed.  And as soon as I arrived home I ripped into the box, much like a six-year-old on Christmas morning.

I read the tiny owners manual first, but only because I couldn’t figure out how to turn the darn thing on…  The directions didn’t seem all that great, but I guess what do you want for a fertility monitor, maybe they figured it was self-explanatory.  The oral sensor goes in your mouth, the vaginal in your vagina.  Okay, got it.  I collected the sensors and headed to the bathroom.

Using both of the sensors was easy and very fast, a few seconds and readings appears on the screen.  I have to say though, I’m a little disappointed with the  interface of the system.  The actual handheld monitor only holds 120 days of data, but the company recommends you use their online charting tools found on a sister site called OvaGraph.  This interface is even clunkier, but I will deal I suppose…  Or so I thought, until I realized there is no way to auto-upload the data from the handheld device to the online site, which also has an iPhone app.  The readings will go into the monitor, but then I’ll need to type them into either the app or the website to truly see the analysis, or so it seems.  I already track my data with Fertility Friend, so adding another tracking website feels a little excessive.  Do I make a point to keep tracking with both?  This is becoming a full-time job!

For the time being, I’ve posted both my charts to the right on my homepage.  You can click on the Fertility Friend chart to see more information, whereas the OveCue Graph is just a picture of my data from their website, so not an item that provides any more detail.

I’m anxious to see my readings over time, although I’m trying to keep in mind that this cycle might be ‘messed up’ for lack of a better term, considering this will be my first cycle after my miscarriage.

More to come on this…  Stay tuned..

2 thoughts on “OvaCue has arrived…

  1. Keep us informed… I’m interested to see how the ovacue works for you, hopefully better than for me. I coughed up the $$$$ for it last year and was using it well both oral and vaginal sensors. But I was very disappointed when the OC confirmed ovulation and then blood tests at my fertility clinic proved it wrong. I haven’t used it since… what a waste.

    1. Yeah, I’m a little curious too, and it’s not like I can sell it to someone else if i decide it was a waste of money! So far so good, but then again, since I haven’t gotten a true period since my miscarriage, I’m not sure I should even be using it this cycle…

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