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Consult Questions

Below is what I have so far to discuss at my consult tomorrow.  Anything I should add?  Eric won’t be joining me, so I need to make sure I don’t forget anything!  Is my doctor going to role his/her eyes when they see my list!?

  • Eric and I passed on all genetic testing for him and me, as well as our embryos…  Is there anything you’d suggest at this point?
  • Are we any further now in determining why Eric and I are experiencing fertility issues than we were a year ago?
  • After our positive pregnancy test, I was prescribed both progesterone and estrogen supplements, why?  Does this reveal any link to why we weren’t getting pregnant on our own or with the IUIs?
  • Throughout our monitoring I was repeatedly told, and shown on ultrasound, I had 15+ follicles, why did we only retrieve 6 eggs?  Were all 6 mature?  Does this relate to egg quality, some defect with me?  Was the timing of our retrieval too soon or too late after our trigger?
  • Do you believe our miscarriage is in any way related to our unknown infertility issues?  Or do you view our past IVF cycle as a success which just unfortunately resulted in a miscarriage?
  • Do you suggest we change the medications we use in future IVF cycles?
  • Will we be allowed to transfer two embryos in a future cycle, even if transferring at 5 days?
  • Do we have any reason to suspect immune issues?  Is it possible to test just to rule them out?  Anything else we can test to rule out?
  • Is there any possibly link between my infertility issues and those of my sister (no biological children), my aunt on my father’s side (no biological children), and my grandmother on my father’s side (difficulty conceiving)?
  • What are our next steps, how soon can we start our next IVF cycle?  Anything I should be doing in the meantime?

11 thoughts on “Consult Questions

  1. Looks like a good list to me! If he is a good, competent doctor I’m sure he is already planning to answer some of those at your appointment tomorrow. You are very organized; I usually plan out all of my questions and comments and then chicken out and just nod and smile a lot. Keep us posted!!!

  2. Wow, woman, you are prepared. I have no thoughts to add, but just letting you know that I am thinking of you and hoping you get some answers. Fingers crossed!

    1. Thank you!

  3. We went in with a list of 22 questions to one appointment and our doctor actually thanked us for being prepared and using our appointment time well. (We didn’t get any of answers and simply diagnosed with unexplained RPL, which drives us crazy). Anyways, all I’m saying is don’t be afraid to ask anything and everything!

    1. Thank you. I guess I don’t expect them to have all the answers, but I think I’ll feel better just knowing I asked and that I’m trying to learn and do whatever I can to help along this process.

      1. That is exactly how we approach it. (I still want the answer, but I’m starting to accept that I’ll never get it).

        I hope the appointment today went well!

        1. It went so so. I’ll be posting an update soon.

  4. Those are good questions. Does your RE have a full history on the fertility problems of your and Eric’s relatives? That would be important for me to investigate – does your clinic have of work with a genetic counsellor? I’d want to see her or him if so, they often do good work ups that can help the RE evaluate this kind of thing.

    I might also ask if there were any issues identified in your monitoring appts or the ER that suggest potential protocol tweaks or an explanation for the outcome both in terms of # and quality of eggs and miscarriage.

    I’d also want to know what my E2 and P4 levels were whenever they checked them and what they should have been given hey supplemented both after your positive beta-hCG.

    Wishing you luck and courage to be your one advocate tomorrow. Especially if your boss tried to meddle with your appt. Maybe you should call in sick of that is a possibility? I’d say I’m joking but that wound be lying.

    1. Thank you, adding these to my list!!!

  5. Hope it went well today!

    1. Ugh, I don’t know… I’m about to post an update now, well, I still have to write it first, then I will post!

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