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Cute, but annoying

I’m back at my favorite coffee shop, my new favorite coffee shop.  The one I thought was the perfect place to hang out…  And wouldn’t you know it, there is a woman here who brought her two small daughters.  I’ll guess 3-4 years old for both of them.  They are seriously adorable, sitting at a table playing on an iPad and singing songs I’ve never heard.  But seriously??  It’s a coffee shop, people come here to concentrate.  Take your damn, distracting children home!

4 thoughts on “Cute, but annoying

  1. I think those are solid questions.
    You could condense by walking in and simply saying “what the fuck” and then staring.

    1. Okay, I actually like your idea better, but I’m gonna try to be nice. Try anyway!

      1. Nice is usually better.

        1. Well, we shall see what kind of mood I’m in tomorrow!

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