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Not nice

Okay, while this quote is not nice, it somehow brought a smile to my face.

And did I mention that I took a short walk on a break this afternoon with a coworker and we came across a group of smokers. Who were standing directly next to the signs indicating a smoke free campus!!! But worst, one of the smokers was hugely pregnant. It took a lot of strength for me not to scold her.

4 thoughts on “Not nice

  1. nice? no. Hilarious and true? yes 😉

  2. Omg that is so frustrating to me!!!! I hate seeing pregnant women smoke or women smoking in a car with small children. My huband had to stop me from yelling at someone last weekend.

    1. I know, I wanted to say something, but what right do I have? I guess that’s the problem with parenting, they get to do it however they wish.

  3. Of course.

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