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Password Protected Posts

In case you haven’t noticed, I added another link to my menu bar titled “Request Password for Protected Post.”

I’ve struggled quite a bit the past few months mastering a balance between bearing all to the world and remaining completely honest.  That said, there have been many times when I’ve longed to blog anonymously.  This site has been openly given to so many though, both in my ‘real life’ and online…  So since I can’t blog anonymously, I’d at least like the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings from time to time with only those I see fit.

If you come across a post of mine marked private and you’d like access, please feel free to click the link at the top of my homepage to request the password.  One caveat though, I prefer those individuals who know me in ‘real life’ refrain from requesting passwords.  If a private post is one I’d like to share with someone I know quite well, I’ll ensure they have the password, most likely by providing it through email.

My intentions are not to create a sense of secrecy, but rather to allow me to openly speak to the audiences I feel are appropriate.  My plan is for the majority of my entries to remain public, with just a few very personal topics reserved for those unaware of my ‘real life’ identity.

Thank you for understanding.

2 thoughts on “Password Protected Posts

  1. I have a very public job. I was even on a billboard all last month for an event I did over the weekend! I LOVE being able to blog anonymously 🙂 I have told no one the name or address for the blog. It’s a tiny piece of sanity in a crazy experience. I also have a normal very public blog. Have you thought about just making a seperate blog? Then you don’t have to deal with uncomfortably trying to explain to certain people why you don’t want to give them the password.

    1. I have thought of that, and maybe I should just start another site and keep it private. I love all of you here though!

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