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Relaxing Day

Today was ultra relaxing!  Eric and I woke early and made our way to breakfast at one of the restaurants on site.  And by early, I mean early!  We were seated for breakfast before 8am!  After gorging ourselves we headed to the pool to relax.  The photo above is not of the pool, but it’s my favorite today, as it’s the view off the back of our resort, just gorgeous really, although similar to my favorite photo yesterday.

Walking to the pool I was slightly nervous for Eric, being he’s not the ‘laying by the pool’ type.  In fact, remember how he pictured an all-inclusive beach resort as prison?? I’m happy to report though, he did well.  He seemed slightly hesitant to relax at first, but after a bit, and several morning beers, he seemed to enjoy the calm.  It occurred to me that perhaps Eric doesn’t even know how to relax…  Is that possible??  Another resident on-call today did text him several times with questions, but I’ll forgive him, not his fault his program doesn’t appropriately plan for vacations.

We’re off to gamble a bit, I told Eric his task tonight is to win more than his wife can spend 🙂

3 thoughts on “Relaxing Day

  1. Lol! He may not know how to relax! When I had a stressful job it took 2-3 days just to begin to let go. Morning beers did help though. Hope you two are having fun!

  2. Oh I’ve been there! When we lived in Las Vegas (Henderson) I took a day trip out to that resort on the lake! Very nice. And there’s paddle boarding there, right? I wanted to try that… Enjoy! XO

    1. Yes, that’s the place, although we haven’t been brave enough to paddle board! It is very pretty here, although odd too. Our hotel is very busy, but over by the Hilton, where there are a ton of restaurants it’s dead. Like, really dead, no people, beautiful buildings, but all closed. Even the Hilton’s casino is closed. Very odd.

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