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Feeling Icky

I’m really feeling icky today.  After my vomiting incident in the shower this morning I really thought I was completely fine.  But, as the day progresses, I’m feeling more and more icky.  Maybe I’m just tired, or maybe the smokey smells of these casinos are finally getting to me.  I’m not sure which is worse, the actual smoke, or the perfumed air they pump through these places in an effort to cover up the actual smoke.

This morning Eric and I ventured to the strip to view the Bodies Exhibit at the Luxor.  It was not at all what I was expecting…  I pictured lots of gore, maybe even some blood, but there was neither.  The bodies were quite interesting though, probably more so for me than Eric, as he sees the inside of bodies on a daily basis.  I think there were maybe 10 or 11 full bodies to view, but many other sections and specific organs were on display as well.  Eric’ explained a lot to me, far more than you’d probably gather on your own if you’re an individual with no medical background, such as myself.  One room of the exhibit was dedicated to fetal development, and this was by far the most interesting to me.  They had maybe seven embryos ranging from 10dpo to 80dpo.  Very fascinating to see those.  Then they also had fetuses at different months of development.  Really amazing as well.  Not sure why, but the development of babies just strikes me as fascinating, maybe because it really is such a miracle.

After the exhibit Eric and I wondered the strip a bit, but drew bored quickly.  I feel like if you’ve been to Vegas once, then you know what to expect.  And besides that, it’s been 100 degrees all week here, so walking outside wears me out fast.  Eric seemed in the mood to gamble though, so we decided maybe a spot off the strip would be more relaxing for us both.

Green Valley Ranch is a resort and casino on the way to our hotel, which is maybe 15 minutes outside Las Vegas.  This resort is really beautiful as well, and far less busy than the strip.  And in this same area is an adorable shopping district with lots of cute restaurants.  Eric and I wandered around a bit there, explored the shops, had lunch at Kings Fish House, which was super yummy, and then finally surrendered to the casino here.  Since I’m not a gambler I tend to wander while Eric makes himself at home by the table games.  I’m perfectly happy finding a coffee shop to chill with my laptop.  Eric doesn’t understand this, seems to think vacation is about doing things…  But to me, vacation is about not doing things.  It works for us, he does his thing, I do mine.  Once Eric has either won a grand or lost a hundred we’ll meet up for dinner.  Not sure our plan for this evening.  Since I’m not feeling the greatest, maybe just a movie back in our hotel at the resort.  We’ll see…

And for those of you who didn’t see this picture yet of Eric and I, enjoy 🙂

... at the airport...
… at the airport…

5 thoughts on “Feeling Icky

  1. I hope you feel better soon! Sucks to feel icky on vacay 🙁

    1. Thanks, I’m feeling much better today!

  2. Feel better soon! Love the pic!! Enjoy the weather! It was in the 40s here last night,..

  3. you guys are adorable!

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