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pokey stix

I’m gonna assume BCPs cause cravings, as I don’t want to admit I just have zero will power and love food.  Seriously though, I’m craving pokey stix right now.  If you’re not familiar, Gumby’s, the maker’s website describes them as ‘hand tossed pizza dough covered with butter & fresh garlic & smothered with mozzarella cheese.’  So in other words, complete awesomeness, best when dipped in ranch.  Oh, did I mention I gained 4.4 lbs this month so far?  Gonna blame that on those BCPs too, as it certainly couldn’t be our vacation…  

7 thoughts on “Cravings

  1. Omg those do sound good. I haven’t had pokey sticks since college. Now i feel i need to find some, for sure.

  2. I seriously need a girls day with you and Pokey sticks seeing as I’ve never experienced this awesomeness!

  3. I love Pokey sticks!

    1. I wish some days I didn’t love them so much!

  4. whatever that is, it looks AMAZING.

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