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Home Sweet Home

Yes, we’re home, and back to reality.  Which set in quickly as Eric was on-call Friday evening and all this weekend.  Nothing like driving home and heading straight into the hospital.

As fun as vacation was, does anyone else feel guilty when they return home?  It’s almost like buyer’s remorse for me.  We spent so much on everything, I mean, every meal like was $100+, and half of it I didn’t like or eat.  What a waste.  I would have been happy with Jimmy Johns every meal, but Eric likes fancy on vacation, so fancy it was.  Just seems like that money could have been better spent.  There are so many in need, why do I deserve fancy meals…  I’m making a point to buy groceries to cook meals this week.  I think I’ve had my fill of eating out for a while.

Yesterday I bought a car.  Yeah, I’m kinda like that.  I decide to do something and just go do it.  The lease on my SUV wasn’t up until December, but I was almost at the limit for miles already, so rather than pay a penalty at turn-in, I decided it was better to turn it in early.  I’ve had my eye on a Nissan Armada for quite some time, but that was when I thought I’d be sticking one, or even two car seats in it, and obviously that isn’t happening anytime soon.  And let’s face it, the Armada is pricey, probably more than I should be allocating to a vehicle at this point when I don’t really need its space just yet.  My dilemma though was what to buy in the meantime, before I need a larger vehicle, and before we can afford a larger vehicle, in roughly a year…  I decided on an Infinity G37x, used, but with only 40k miles, so feels very much new.  The picture below is a stock photo, but mine looks identical.  It’s pretty, and the sales guy assured me it’s not grandma-ish, although I still feel a little old driving it.  Maybe it’s the feeling of sitting on the floor after being used to driving an SUV.  The car is sweet though, loaded with options, it’s AWD, so will be great in the snow, leather, sunroof, navigation, even a back-up camera for all the crap I run over.  And the best part, it’s about $100 less a month than my SUV payment, which makes me very happy!

I added a few Vegas pictures to a new gallery at the top right of my homepage.  Just snapshots, nothing too fancy, and nothing edited, but feel free to browse if you’d like.

In baby making news…  My baseline ultrasound and hormone levels appointment is this coming Friday.  Still feels like forever from now, but hopefully this week flies by.  At my last appointment they told me I could expect to start injections for this cycle on the Monday following my baseline appointment, so just over a week from now.  I’m so hoping and praying my results Friday are good so we can move forward.  I’ll be heartbroken if we have to wait again because of a cyst or worse.

6 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Love the car, I’ve always thought they looked nice. Maybe someday I’ll join you in the upscale land! That car will hold a couple car seats just fine.

    1. Yes, at least two car seats, so I figure I’m good for the time being 😉

  2. congrats on the car! and here’s hoping you don’t have any cysts!!

  3. sweet ride, girl!

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