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We’re Good to Go!

Appointment went great today!

I’m really going to try not to obsess about this cycle, so I didn’t even ask for a copy of the ultrasound report.  I did ask the tech if everything looked okay, and she said it all looked perfect, that I have 18 follicles, so 18 potential eggs that she could count on ultrasound.  Okay, I might have obsessed a little and looked back to my previous cycle to compare…  24 last time…  But, I’m not gonna worry, the nurse said 18 is great!  And my estradiol level is nice and low at 6, so perfect there as well too, so we’re good to go with this cycle!

After my appointment I picked up my meds.  Always slightly depressing.  Yes, Discover Card was nice and sent me this awesome text after my transaction was complete at the pharmacy.  Lovely.  At least my meds were less this cycle, as I have several vials of Menopur and progesterone in oil at home, unopened and therefore perfectly fine to use this cycle.  And my insurance should reimburse me, so I really shouldn’t even complain.  Just a little eye-opening to see the cost.  What else could I do with all that cash???

Protocol is a little different this time, as we’re not going with my clinic’s standard procedure.  My doctor thinks we need to change things up a bit since we only got 6 eggs last time.  So this cycle we’ll be using the Microdose Flare Protocol, as they refer to it.  My understanding is we take advantage of my body wanting to get the follicles ready for ovulation, rather than using all the Lupron to suppress my own hormones as with the standard.  I’ll still be injecting some Lupron, but a highly concentrated amount which was mixed by my pharmacy.  Also, no waiting for a period once I stop the BCPs on 8/24 which is Sunday, so much faster than the standard, which I’m all about!!!

So a quick recap of the protocol, well, what I know of it so far…

  • I’ll take my last BCP this Sunday, August 24th
  • Monday and Tuesday are rest days for my body, no meds
  • Beginning Wednesday, August 27th I’ll inject 20 units of the diluted Lupron (I guess I’m not sure the actual amount of Lupron) both morning and evening throughout the remainder of the cycle
  • Beginning Friday, August 29th I’ll add in 300 units each evening of Follistim
  • Sunday, September 1st will be my first estradiol level in the morning, and based on the results, my Follistim dosage may be adjusted, and I’ll add in Menopur as well, dosage to be determined
  • From there I’ll have ultrasounds and estradiol levels every other day and then probably everyday as we get closer to retrieval, just like last cycle
  • We’re tentatively planning on a retrieval around September 7th

That’s as much as I know now, as the cycle is truly dependent on how I respond.  I’m nervous of course, but not as I was the first and second cycles.  Those I was more scared of the procedures, of the injections, of doing the injections myself.  That all seems old habit now, but instead I’m more fearful of the results, of this not working, of us not getting enough eggs…  So much to worry about and consider.  Overall though, I’m just really anxious and excited to be moving forward.

Standing still is so much worse than moving forward, even if I’m moving forward with fear.

In other news, this weekend was supposed to be one of Eric’s two weekends off this month.  But ha, could we really expect 4 days off a month?  Oh heavens no!  This weekend is consumed with a conference he’s expected to attend.  Tonight was a gathering at his program director’s home, AKA forced fun.  Spouses are invited, and I’ve attended every other year, but honestly, forced fun on a Friday evening with Eric’s work people is not my idea of eventful.  So, I skipped, along with several other wives I know.  Trust me, I don’t feel left out.  Eric stopped home after work to change (to dress up more) and he commented that he was really, really dreading the evening.

Then tomorrow he’s expected to attend lectures at a hotel in town all day…  Ugh, sounds thrilling, right??  I think he said his day tomorrow ends around 4pm, so hopefully I get him tomorrow evening and Sunday, although me getting him really just means he’ll be home, on the couch, computer in hand, working on patient notes, slides for God only knows what presentation, prep for well, everything…  Really there is always something he needs to be working on.  Perhaps he and I can at least have dinner out together tomorrow night.

So I’m relaxing at home tonight with all my favorites, pokey stix, DQ, and my DVR, and Kona of course too.  Honestly though, I’m extremely worn out, so even though it’s only 9:30, bed sounds wonderful.  The laundry can wait, right??

P.S.  I was invited to an online Jamberry Nails party.  Is anyone familiar?  Are they worth the money?


18 thoughts on “We’re Good to Go!

  1. I don’t know about jamberry but if you try it report back because I’m so curious! I’m so glad things are getting going and looking good! Hoping this protocol is the one for you!

    1. Thank you! Thank you and I ordered some nail wraps, I’ll be sure to post a review!

      1. Yes please do!

  2. How exciting! Hope the new protocol works better!

  3. Glad to hear your appointment went well! I love Jamberry – I have quite the collection of wraps started since I had a party in May. You can get 2-3 uses out of each package and they have lasted up to 7 weeks on my toes (about 2 weeks on my hands). I have a few friends who weren’t impressed so my best advice is try them out and see if they work for you. If you have nails that peel or crack easily it seems they don’t work well. You can ask the person selling them to send you a sample to try out too since you’re not familiar with them. The lady who did my party was willing to do that with some of my friends.

    1. I ordered some, so excited to receive them!!!

  4. Good luck this cycle. I hope this protocol works better for you guys.

    I know someone who loves Jamberry. Never tried it myself. It could be fun at a party if wine were involved. ;-

  5. My husband is also working this weekend. I know the feeling. I have heard lots about jamberry but never tried it!

    1. I’m hoping you found a way to keep busy this weekend while your husband works. So far I’ve cleaned, but that is getting old fast!

      1. Yesterday morning I ran a bunch of errands, then parked by butt in front of Netflix. 🙂 today is cleaning day.

        1. I cancelled our netflix awhile back, maybe it’s time to reorder! I have the bathrooms left to clean and I’ve been avoiding them!!

          1. Netflix is a life saver but for some reason I always end up with plots that revolve around pregnancy and babies – even when you would least expect it from the preview.

  6. I’m glad to hear you had a good appointment and everything is on track for your next cycle! Sending you lots of prayers!!

  7. I am just catching up on all of your posts. So glad things are looking up! I like Jamberry. I have them last longer by just doing them on my accent nails.. it is all about a great top coat!

    1. I’m excited for mine to come in the mail!!!

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