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Stim Day Something

I’m not actually sure which day I’m on with this new micro-flare protocol.  Do the two days of diluted Lupron at the start of my cycle count?  I believe this is cycle day 8, but don’t quote me on that.

So a recap, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I injected 300 units each evening of Follistim, along with 20 units of my diluted Lupron both morning and night.  My Estradiol level was 332 this morning, which the nurse said was good, as she was hoping it was above 250.  So tonight and tomorrow night, I stick (no pun intended) with the Lupron twice daily, lower my Follistim to 150 units each night, but add in 150 units of Menopur, or for those of you counting in vials of power, it’s 2 vials each evening.

Next monitoring appointment is Wednesday morning where they’ll do an Estradiol level and an ultrasound to determine how many follicles are responding, and measure each.  From my past experience, my clinic will allow me to trigger with HCG once I have at least 3 follicles 18mm or larger.

So far I’m just feeling seriously tired.  I don’t necessarily remember the extreme fatigue in past cycles with these drugs, so perhaps it’s something else all together and has nothing to do with the meds…  I thought about asking the nurse this morning, but then figured, well, what does it matter, I’m tired, I’ll deal.

I very much enjoyed my three-day weekend and oh so dread returning to work tomorrow.  My mind is on baby-making, not finance and accounting and month-end and oh, the new system we’re switching over to this month.  My work used to be my thing, but now, it is baby making.  This really shouldn’t dictate my entire life, but somehow, it is.  I’d love to be normal and do this the ‘normal’ way.  Oh, to be normal…

Nurse predicted I’d trigger around Friday or Saturday with retrieval early next week.  We shall see…

7 thoughts on “Stim Day Something

  1. Totally understand baby making controlling your every waking thought. I think that’s just how it is for those of us that have been through so much to try to conceive. I hope your appt goes well on Wednesday!!

  2. I’m so right there with you about work. How are we supposed to stay focused on work when–EVERYTHING? 🙂

    1. I know… So impossible. Hence I’m reading blogs and responding to comments when I’m supposed to be working. However I can get through the days I guess!

  3. Good luck! Yes it sounds like your levels are in a perfect range.

  4. Fingers crossed!

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