I’m quite nervous for my ultrasound and estradiol level tomorrow morning… Very scared this cycle won’t result in a baby, or embryos to freeze, like last time. And honestly, I’m not sure how many more times I can start from scratch.

38 thoughts on “Nervous

  1. I’ve been there, so many times. There is so much pressure, and you’re so incredibly invested that every little thing brings up a whole host of fear and other emotions. I don’t have any advice other than I know the place that your are at right now and it is so very tough. Sending virtual hugs and positive vibes and hope that tomorrow goes well.


  2. I sincerely hope you’ve got nothing to worry about and that this is your time. It’s hard to keep on keeping on but it’s testament to how much you want this and how strong you are. Good luck.


  3. Good luck this morning! My fingers are crossed for you. Hang in there. I know it’s ridiculously hard, but try to take it one day and one appointment at a time. Thinking ahead is so overwhelming (says me, who is the queen of the “what if” thinking spiral). You got this!


  4. you’re in the last stretch, push through the fear and keep taking it one day/step at a time. the unknown is scary and painful. i’ve been where you are (and continue to be there with worry). i’ll be hoping for the best for you this cycle. you can do this xox


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