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A huge thank you!

Way back when, in January, when I started this blog, my intentions were simple, to keep family and close friends up to date on our IVF baby-making progress, and keep a journal for myself, to hopefully show my children one day.

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to meet so many other bloggers, each with their own story to tell, who truly understand this grueling reality of infertility.  These women, and a few men, have offered words of comfort and encouragement, truly genuine, at some of my lowest, scariest moments.  There truly are no words or ways to thank each individually, but if I could find a way, or find the words, please know I would.

I received a package in the mail earlier this week, from one of these truly genuine, thoughtful women, Tally over at No Fruit For You.  If you’re not familiar with her site, I higher recommend you pop over and say hello, and congratulate Tally on her pregnancy!

Tally sent me two books I’m very excited to read, Pregnant with Hope and A Seed of Hope.  My plan is to read them both over the course of the next few days, in an effort to calm and prepare myself for Monday.  Or maybe I’ll save one for after my retrieval, as I’ll need something to keep me busy during the dreaded two week wait before my pregnancy test on September 23rd.  Yes, the 23rd, how will I last until then??  I assume by peeing on many, many sticks!

Tally, thank you again, I truly appreciate you thinking of me.  Please know I’m thinking and praying for you daily as you travel the sweet road of pregnancy 🙂

6 thoughts on “A huge thank you!

  1. You can also thank Elisha from waiting for baby bird as she sent them to me back in March! Enjoy the reading and good luck Monday!!!

    1. Thank you for everything!

  2. I’m not sure how I would have survived my journey through ivf & pregnancy w/ out this network of support. It really is amazing!

    1. It really is, you are so right there!

  3. I love tally! She is awesome! I sent her copies of those books several months ago as they are amazing for me on this journey. I hope you enjoy them just as much as we have :). Praying for you! Xo

    1. Thank you, I am very anxious to read them. I started one, but didn’t get very far yet. Hopefully this week I can find some time!

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