Trigger Day!

My ultrasound this morning went great, I’m so happy!  I have at least five follicles that are 18mm – 20mm and then several more that are just a bit smaller.  Hopefully those which are smaller catch up in the next few days.  My lining is still measuring 12mm, which is awesome.  My doctor estimated we’d get 8-9 eggs this time, but I’m still hoping for a few more than that, considering we started with 18 follicles.  The more the better to work with in the future.  I’m still terrified this will be a repeat of my last retrieval, when only a few eggs were retrieved, but I’m trying to make myself believe that was just a fluke of ’empty follicles’ and that this time will be better.  I just really don’t want to go through all this again…

So tonight at exactly 8:30pm I’ll get my 10,000 units of hcg, the first of many intramuscular injections (boo), and then my retrieval is scheduled for Monday morning at 8:30am.  We are to arrive by 8am, but Eric has a work conference from 7am – 8am, so I’ll have to go in with him a bit early and wait while he presents his cases.  I assume he’ll have to drop me off at home after and then return to work, but we’ll see.  Last time I just slept off the anesthesia the remainder of the day, so I suppose his presence isn’t necessarily, although would be appreciated.

In other exciting news…  I get to order my second sharps container!  Yep, can you believe I filled one of the large ones already?  I mean, really, life doesn’t get much more exciting than this!

And now to email my boss to inform her I’ll be out Monday for sure, and maybe Tuesday, depending on how I feel.  Last time I was just crampy the following day, and while I could have worked, the extra rest was really nice.

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