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Of course

Of course, on the drive to egg retrieval, I would hear the announcement of Kate and Will’s pregnancy. Of course!

13 thoughts on “Of course

  1. Ugh I know, right?
    Hoping some of their baby juju rubs off!

  2. My friend just told me this too – but said that it was a good sign =)!! Think positive thoughts, good luck today!

  3. I woke up to that blowing up my Facebook feed. I immediately put my phone down and went back to bed.

  4. Haha, I just saw that announcement myself. Well, guess what? That’s going to be YOU in couple of weeks, so get ready!

    1. I so hope you’re right!

  5. good luck with the retrieval today!

  6. I had a friend announce the morning of my retrieval last week and have had 5 other announcements since then. We can never get away from them!

  7. Hoping for a lot of great eggs for you! Yeah… Kate and Will got married a day before we did. It’s hard of tough to know that they’re onto their second already….

    1. Yes, so true. And if this doesn’t work this time I’ll probably always compare their timeline to mine 🙁

  8. I woke up to the news as a CNN alert. It sucked. And CNN, if you’re reading this… It’s not breaking news for crying out loud!!! 😉

    Good luck at ER!!! Hoping for lots of good mature eggs! 🙂

    1. LOL, I know, breaking news. Makes me laugh, and then wanna cry!

  9. Consider it a sign? THINK POSITIVE!!!!!

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