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Transfer Scheduled

Finally received the message…  My transfer is scheduled for Saturday morning at 11am.  I am to arrive by 10:30am with a full bladder.  Oh, how I remember that part being fun!

And did I mention it’s a home football game here Saturday, against Iowa State.  Yeah, I thought ‘breaking’ into the hospital last Saturday for my ultrasound was rough…  All the policemen looked at me like, really, you have an appointment today?


18 thoughts on “Transfer Scheduled

  1. Wishing you luck Saturday! 🙂

  2. Great news! Will continue praying!!

  3. Good luck! Will be thinking of you on Saturday!

  4. Good luck!!! I’ll be praying for you! xoxo

  5. Wishing you luck on Saturday! I am very excited for you! Xo

  6. Good luck Saturday. Enjoy your hawkeye win…pretty sure Iowa State is going to have another dismal football season.

  7. Yay!!!! Let’s go!! Time to make a baby stick 🙂

  8. lots of baby dust!!

  9. Yay!!! This is great news about your transfer. Keeping all digits crossed for you tomorrow!

  10. Good luck! Prayers!

  11. Wishing you luck with the transfer…and navigating the streets/hospital during the BIG game. All appendages crossed for you!

    1. Thank you! We’re leaving any minute, kinda nervous!

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